rm_toohotque 51M
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3/17/2005 10:01 pm

Like hitting my head that's on my shoulders against the wall, my creativity is lacking objective. I have the discipline to pass on opportunities to invite cunplayance at public places... herein N. Minnesota you can't be too careful, I may get served with papers from the county alleging I am a sexual deviate, and menace to society. How true!

I spent recent days coming through the hardest days of the year, into experiencing that optimism that comes with the observation that winter is fading into spring. Here in the north, its a personal achievement.

Presently, I step outside and I cannot hear a sound. Its utterly quiet,, I have contemplated that I should be writing my experiences living in the woods, not bullshit fornicated humor for AdultFriendFinder!

Last week I glimpsed an Owl dropping from its perch in a tree at mid-day to catch a Mouse on the sunny bank, bare of snow. I was looking blankly in the direction and saw it fall like a rag 5 feet toward the ground. Analysis let me figure it was an Owl that I then could see when I stood to get a view of it looking back at me, assessing my threat to its safety. Then I noticed a Deer in the woods was eating near the ground or licking snow. I watched it as it lay down under a spruce tree for a nap. I Have also been feeding the Birds and Squirrels that have been the usual sort of entertainment for me and my Golden Retriever. I observed, and listened to the animal life around me for awhile, then I went inside and fell asleep. It reminds me of old, carefree times in the mid-80's when spring was around the corner.


rm_toohotque 51M
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3/19/2005 8:14 am

Last 2 posts was a little speed bump for the ladies... I'm budgetting fat burners, vitamins and tanning oil. There's lots of cleanup to do along the 700' driveway I put in last summer. I'll be cutting a few pounds I picked up over the hibernia period that I succumbed to purveying our webscape.


anyhowdoll 41F

3/17/2005 10:48 pm

*** Dear toohotque...

I didn't even know they have mood "blah"...lol... It goes well with "Duh!" I think...
I enjoyed your blog here..looks like a BRAND NEW...lol...I'll come back later again...

ps. thank you for your long and HOT comment on my blog "SEXUAL THOUGHTS". I liked that!!!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo anyhowdoll ***

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