Caught a cold... no meds, rain, car is stuck in driveway  

rm_toohotque 51M
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4/10/2005 9:47 pm
Caught a cold... no meds, rain, car is stuck in driveway

Watched the Masters, drank peach tea, ate oranges and frosted mini-spooners. What a shot Tiger made on the 16th!

First spring rains got me driving back into the sun, I slipped a little right and got stuck friday. Had all day saturday to get my neighbor to pull me out with his ATV but they had two pregnant daughters visiting for the weekend, so I stayed away. Besides my cold is worsening. I'll hold out until the rains pass on wednesday before I'll try to get out for cold remedies.

Ten days until lift-off and my future is re-financed.

I miss the fresh smell of spring after the first rain. Golf is infecting me; I might have to play this summer.

I'm taking a few notes on what is getting me arroused lately. Looking back through some files on my computer I found a picture of Petra in a see-through neglige' that was effective, even with the misery of a cold. Otherwise, the fact that its been a little dull lately makes it interesting to recognize what is stimulating (without actually resorting to real concentrated efforts to effect a good solid boner.)

If I can manage to put in about 3 good weeks of work with my chainsaw I'll be in a nice situation come summer.


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