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3/22/2005 11:58 am

Transpose Nostradamus' quatrain that says, "The Mark on the Head of the Beast is 666."


Potassium is atomic number 19.

666 is a deficient potassium atom with 6 electrons in each of its electron energy levels about the nucleus.

666 decrypts into "potassium deficiency."

The Head of the Beast is simply "Society." I tend to think of the head of a lion as the symbol of membership in society which is the elite social class.

The quatrain decrypts into something like:

"Potassium deficiency is a black mark on society."

That there is a potassium deficiency in the general population is attributed to manipulations made by wealthy members of the social elite. Potassium is available in fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and fish. Its essential. Substituting various things for sources of potassium WILL lead to a deficiency and increase potential for various conditions like: depression. Is depression a fabricated syndrome brought on by poor nutrition? There is so much money at stake that the answer must be "YES."

There are a couple of variations. Mark might refer to a kind of discrimination. Complex nutritional imbalances can occur in unhealthy people. Its possible to link male masturbation and a resulting potassium deficiency, to a nutritional imbalance that would be the the mark of a very discriminating society. A society that mocks particular non-members by humiliating them with a perceived lack of notoriety for their contributions and work. Another example is the relationship between male celibacy and academic standing. The celibate are allowed to be given credentials of intellectual standing in a system of selection. Others are weeded out as a matter of policy, receiving a substantially degraded level of standing.

James Taylor wrote a song about it in the 70's, during the war. A masturbator was rejected by the military, and left to die on the battlefields of USAnia. It was "Hey Mister Its Me Upon the Jukebox." USAnia is a real place. The "Spring Chicken" prompts lawyers to "do what they will." The imagery is there but it is rather vague and convoluted. The suggestion is that a case of insanity is possible to avoid military service... its vague and hanging in the melody and guitar chords of the song.

The society does exist, as does the potassium deficiency in the general population.

My interpretation switches the mark to the beginning. Otherwise it would read: "A Mark on Society is Potassium Deficiency."

I don't think it matters, really.

Where do you go from here on potassium in your diet? Check it out. Unless you make a real conscious effort to get 3.5 grams daily you are nurturing a deficiency. Sustained for 20 years 2 grams daily is probably a cause for depression. Depression could be the beginning of a fight to avoid being diagnosed with serious mental illness, a disabillity that can keep you from getting a job.

I began getting more potassium over a year ago and later noticed a change in mental stability and stress, as well as reduced muscle fatigue. I'm not going into the full release of details.

I don't have a college degree. I don't really need one because my IQ is still measured above 140, [it was 145 when I left high school, and measured again last year, 31 years later at 140] but I still can't get a job. My IQ is considered too high for most jobs where its more important to maintain a sense of team morale; than have someone aboard who will make some people feel a little stupid. Also, I have allot of negative opinions that are quite valid, which irritates people. Otherwise, I like identifying what can be changed and making it better. It shouldn't require a college degree to do everything.

Do you ever consider the meeting here on Earth between two people, one who is destined toward Hell, and the other toward Redemption? Seems to me it would be much like a showdown. Like two people; him and her, again deciding if they should continue being together. The point is that its a very odd way of looking at the relationship between people, because it turns everything into a confrontation of Good vs. Evil. Unfortunately, this is all allot of people can handle for a perspective. Seems to me it would get a trite boring, always looking at meeting someone that way.

Another point made is the hipocrisy I am suggesting is ingrained into professions. Their inability to associate potassium with good nutrition as a comprehensible fact skews my perception about the entire system; I contend USAnia is a nation of unaccountable hipocrits, where distraction of the news events divert important minds from really important issues at hand. THAT is the chard of truth that is so socially enigmatic. And its only getting worse.

Did you really listen to the statements of the doctors and some of the commentary regarding the failed attempt to split siamese twins? To me their dialogue was very thin and unassociated with real emotion. They were at sea, struggling to make it sound ethical and moral. The monolithic USAnia super-society has some shaky foundations at times.

I guess its possible that the present situation is a result of natural selection within human processing, over a long period of time. Maybe its coincidental that some have positioned themselves to have profited from said human processing. Still, it is despicable that the medical profession does not link a potassium deficiency with depression and other health problems; and that its members of the medical society are treating the symptoms of poor nutrition with new drugs, saying that mental illness is incureable. What a crime!

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