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Another short story


He looked at his watch, it was 7.30am he would have to leave soon to start his days work. He looked in his diary and tried to plan his route that he would use to get to all his calls. He was a builder / come handyman and did a variety of jobs around the town where he lived, anything from building extensions to clearing rubbish. He tried to keep one day a week free to do all the smaller jobs. Today was the day for the smaller jobs, Friday, He liked Fridays as they were before the weekend when he did not work and could relax.

His first job took him to a small village just outside town, clear some rubbish from the back garden, a nice easy job to start the day. He knocks at the door and the old gentleman who answered it did not recognise him at first. After a short time he remembered who the man knocking on the door was and directed him round the side of the house. Senile old git the builder thought as he walked round the side, he had noticed the smell wafting out the front door as he stood there and thought " I hope he does not offer me a cup of tea " he would have to throw it away. He did not like to refuse cups of tea but in this case he decided that it might be better to refuse. He loaded the rubbish onto his pickup and returned to the door to give the old boy the bill. Which the old boy paid without a problem. he drove down the road wondering how people could live like that, with the smell and mess that was evident in the hall.

He looked at his diary the next call was about 20 miles away, good he thought I need a drive after that last job, he wound down the window and turned on the radio. He arrived at his next job and looked in his diary again to see what he had to do here, fit a new garden gate, very easy he thought to himself this wont take too long. Within the hour he was back in his pickup. He only had one more call to make now then it would be feet up infront of the TV watching the test match. He looked at the address, mmmm good part of town he thought, it was strange the way the lady, when she phoned had asked him to make sure that it was his last call of the day. He wondered why no doubt he would find out soon. He had to plumb in a washing machine and unblock the sink in the bathroom, not too bad easy enough he thought.

He pulled up outside double wrought iron gates leading to a long drive which led to the large house, at least five bedrooms he thought to himself as he walked up the drive. He knocked on the door, He heard the suffling of feet coming up the hall, the door opened. She was about average height and weight, mid 40's and not bad looking he thought as he looked at her and introduced himself. She asked him in and said to follow her as she walked down the hall, he watched her as she walked, she was wearing black jeans ( slightly faded ) and a black silky top ( slightly see-through ) he could see the outline of a black bra beneath it. He watched her bottom as she walked round the corner at the end of the hall and ushered him into the kitchen, she told him where the washing machine was going he noticed that it was a long way to run the pipes, but he had enough gear on the pickup to do the job. She told him that he could bring his pickup round the back and use the back door. So he went out and back down the drive to his pickup, opening the gates as he exited. He had noticed in the hall that there were ladies shoes and childrens shoes but no male shoes, perhaps the husband is tidier then the rest of the family he thought as he reversed up the drive pausing briefly to close the gates. He gathered his tools and pipework and entered the kitchen and placed them on the floor. The woman was still here and was bending down looking in one of the lower cupboards, nice bum he thought with the jeans stretched tightly across it, without rising she asked if he wanted a cup of coffee, he replyed that he would love one with milk and two sugars. She rose and he noticed that her hair looked different, it had been up in a bun when she had answered the door, it was loose now just about touching her shoulders. He thought it is a nice length and a nice colour as well, it was not dark brown or light brown but somewhere in between. He started to get his tools out of the bag on the floor as she made the coffee. He pulled out the washing machine and looked behind it. He got under the unit to have a better look, The pipe work was already there connected up and every thing. He turned as she spoke, she told him his coffee was on the worktop and that she was going to have a shower. He did not quiz her about the pipework, strange he thought, why call me in to do a job that did not need doing. Well if she wants to play games then i'll go along with it for a while, The test match would be boring anyway England always lost to the Aussies.

He drank his coffee and got back under the worktop, rattling a spanner against a pipe, a minute or so later he heard a noise in the kitchen and lifted his head to see what it was. He was laid flat on his back under the worktop. He noticed her as she rounded the machine, the jeans had gone to be replaced by a shiny silk robe which reached just beneath her knees. She walked up to his legs and straddled him, and then crouched down, the top and bra had gone as well he could see about half of her breasts as she bent down because her robe had parted slightly, he thought she has nice breasts not big but adequate. He also noticed that she had crouched in such a way as to allow the robe to fall open allowing him to see right up it, What he saw took his breath away. She had no panties on and he could see her pussy, he had expected to see a mat of light brown pubic hair but there was nothing she was shaven, it was glistening with the juice that was emerging from between the lips, he felt his cock start to rise and changed his position a bit, hoping that she would not notice. She looked down and asked if he liked what he had seen, noticing the rapidly forming bulge in his trousers, he said that yes he had, he had always liked to see a shaven pussy, he liked the feel of the velvety smoothness of a freshly shaved fanny. He wished that he could touch it with his fingers and tongue. But he thought no I am here to work put it out of your mind.

She was talking again, he had not noticed being wrapped up in his thoughts, she was saying that the shower was making strange noises and would he mind taking a look at it for her. He said that he would and moved to get up, she rose and stood there waiting, he turned away from her and adjusted himself. She asked him to follow her, which he did, upstairs and into a bedroom and so into the ensuite bathroom. She gestured at the shower saying that she had been having trouble with it for weeks, so he asked her what sort of noise was it making, she bent down giving him a view of her lovely bum, she turned on the taps and it made a right din banging and clattering. She left and went into the bedroon. He said that he would have a look and pulled the spanner from his pocket and undid the nut holding the spray onto the hose. As he did so water went everywhere, all over him he was soaked from head to foot, she had not turned off the water. He had not noticed if she had turned the taps off again because he was busy looking at her bum. He carried on and stripped the spray it was solid with lime scale, he cleaned it and put it back together. He turned on the water and it worked perfectly with no noise. She came back in and noticed that he was soaked, She said that he should get out of those wet clothes before he caught a cold. She went back into the bedroom and rummaged in the wardrobe, she returned with a mans bathrobe and told him to put it on. She went back into the bedroom. He removed his wet clothes and put on the robe. He had just finished as she entered again and asked if he wanted another coffee, He said that he would love one. She gathered up his clothes and said she would hang them in front of the radiator downstairs to dry them.

He followed her downstairs and back in to the kitchen where she started to hang his clothes over a clothes horse next to the radiator. She turned and went over to the worktop and started to make the coffee. She told him to sit at the breakfast bar while he was waiting. She finished making the coffee and came and sat opposite him at the breakfast bar. She then appologised to him for not turning the water off. He thought to himself "I bet she did that on purpose". She asked him if he was cold to which he replied that he was a bit. So she stood up and asked him to follow her, he followed. She went through the hall and through a door into a massive lounge, at the far end of which was a big fireplace with a roaring log fire in it. She gestured at the rug in front of the fire and told him to grab a cushion of the armchair and sit down. He did as he was told and sat down, She got a cushion from another chair and sat next to him, she was so close to him he could smell her perfume, she moved closer and placed her hand on his knee and moved her hand up his thigh, his cock immediatly started to react. It started to grow, which she by this time had noticed, she said that she wanted to see it and she grabbed the robe and pulled it to one side revealing his manhood, although not yet fully erect it was still quite large, about 6 inches long and about two and a half round. "Oooohhhh" she said "that is going to be big, I want to suck it, to see it at its full size". But first she said that he had better take a shower as he had repaired it and took him by the hand and led him upstairs again. They went into the bathroom, she turned on the taps and adjusted them checking the water temperature and turned to him and undid the robe and pushed it off his shoulders, it fell to the floor. She pushed him towards the shower and told him to get in. He entered and the warm water flowed all over his naked body. She left the bathroom as he started soaping himself. A few minutes later he heard the shower door open and glanced round to see her standing in the entrance, naked, she asked for the soap which he handed her as she stepped in and closed the door. She started to rub the soap on his back, massaging it with her other hand, up over his shoulders and back down to his buttocks and down the backs of his legs she worked the soap and her hands. She massaged him from head to foot with her hands and fingers. He just stood with his hands on the wall, leaning against it, he was enjoying this. after about 10 mins she grasped his shoulders and turned him round. She then started to soap his front in the same way she had done with his back. She worked her way down his chest and legs, kneeling as she did so, then worked her way back up to his manhood, which was pointing straight out at her face. It was now about 8 inches long and about three and a half round, she worked up a lather on both hands and started to carress the monster in front of her. the warm water flowed over his shoulders and down his chest washing the soap from his chest. She was working a good lather up on his cock, and gently running her hands down the full length of it and worked round his balls. He moaned with pleasure, much more of that and i will cum he thought. He did not want to cum yet. She must have sensed his enjoyment because at that moment she stopped massaging his cock and stood up, saying that he should do the same to her now. He did as ordered and took the soap from her outstreached hand. She turned to face the wall and rested her hands against it as he had done, she parted her legs a little. He worked up the lather in his hands and started at her shoulders working his way down her body towards her buttocks. He massaged her back with the soapy lather and down her legs and back up to her buttocks and massaged them as well. He turned her round and starting at her feet he worked his way upwards massaging her legs and thighs. He lathered her stomach and abdomen working round her breasts and up to her shoulders, he moved down her arms and back up again. He then massaged her breasts with their dark nipples and felt them harden slightly to his touch. He worked for a while on her breasts one in each hand, her nipples were hardening more and more. She moaned. He released her breasts and moved his hands down to her pussy and worked his fingers each side of the lips and back round to the front again. He thought to himself " I love the feel of silky smooth pussy " as he massaged the lips and pubic mound. She moaned again and again. She then took his hands from her pussy and said they had better rinse off now. They rinsed each other off with the shower spray and their hands. She turned off the water and opened the door and left the shower, He followed, She told him to dry her with the towel she was holding in her hand, he took the towel, it was warm where it had been on the radiator. He applied it to her body and rubbed hard but not too hard drying her off, he worked the towel all over her body. She moaned again as he dried her breasts and pussy. She turned and reached for the other towel hanging on the radiator and dried him off also.

She took his hand and led him out of the bathroom and into the bedroom and told him to lie on the bed, face up, saying that she now had something special planned for him now, he did as he was told and lay on the bed. The bed clothes had been stripped and lay on the floor at the base only the pillows and bottom sheet remained. He had noticed when he had entered the room that a tray was on the bedside table covered by a cloth, she moved to the tray and removed the cloth. On the tray he saw a plate of ring doughnuts,a bowl of whipped cream, a big packet of chocolate buttons, a pallette knife, two glasses and a bottle of wine. He thought it must be incase they got peckish. She picked up the bottle and poured the wine into the two glasses and offered him one, he took it and she sat on the bed level with his manhood. He lay still as she sat down. Her eyes were fixed on his cock as though she had never seen one before, she was drinking the wine as she looked. She got up and moved back to the tray put down her wine and picked up the doughnuts and went back to his cock and gently raised it upright, she offered a doughnut onto the end. The hole was too small, it would not fit so back to the tray and picked up the knife and started to carefully open out the hole, satisfied that it was right she placed the doughnut onto his cock and reached for another, this continued until his upright cock held 4 ring doughnuts. She then reached for the bowl of cream and the knife and started to build up the cream on the 3 inches of cock showing above the doughnuts until it was completly covered, she then smeared a small amount of cream over the doughnuts. She stood back and looked tilting her head to one side like an artist looking at a model. She seemed happy with the result, and put the bowl and knife back onto the tray, she picked up the packet of chocolate buttons and opened it tipping a few into her hand, she went back to his cock and started placing the buttons on top of the cream and doughnuts until it was completly covered with the buttons. She had to fill her hand several times from the packet as the mound on his cock was quite large by now. She had a few left in her hand so she placed one between her lips and moved to his mouth and kissed him. He took the button and kissed her back, wondering what would happen next. She opened the drawer in the table and pulled out a camera, it was one of those instant types, she moved to one side and aimed the camera at his cock and clicked the shutter. The photo emerged from the front of the camera and she looked at it intensely, willing it to develop, when it did she seemed happy with the result and put the camera back into the drawer. She moved to the foot of the bed and climbed up straddled his legs and sat on his thighs, she licked her lips, and bent forward and started to lick the cream and buttons of his cock. As her tongue made contact with his cock he gasped, she continued licking and eating the cream and buttons. When the top of his cock was almost clear of cream she started to eat the doughtnuts, which she did slowly and methodicaly, round and round and up and down, she went until they were all gone, the only thing left on his cock now were the remnants of the cream and her fingers steadying it. She was holding it gently between thumb and forefinger as she licked up and down the 8 inches of its length, pausing at his balls to make sure that all the cream had gone. she examined it closely, she had done a good job not a scrap of cream remained. She reached across and took her wine glass and sipped it, placing it back on the table she settled back onto his thighs and leant forward, opened her mouth and lowered it over his cock, taking just the tip into her warm mouth. He moaned as she gradually sucked more of his cock into her mouth, she sucked about half of its length into her mouth and while still sucking hard withdrew it until only the tip remained in her mouth, she sucked harder on the tip running her tongue over it as she did so. She allowed it to enter again as she sucked and sucked, he was moaning and breathing heavier and he knew that it would not be long before he was shooting hot cum into the back of her throat. She continued moving his cock in and out of her mouth taking more and more each time she moved down on it. He yelled God!!!!!! that feels soooo good I'm cuming and moaned some more, she plunged his cock right into her mouth, he came and shot his hot cum right down her throat, she took it readily and greedily, she sucked and sucked his cock milking every last drop of cum from it. He was starting to go limp now, and she still had his cock in her mouth sucking on it. Finally she stopped sucking and looked at his limp cock as she reached for the wine glass and took a big gulp. She worked her way to the foot of the bed and stood up, walking round to the table, he could see her pussy as she walked it was dripping with her juices.

She poured some more wine into the glasses and gave him his glass, he wondered what was going to happen next. She spoke to him while sitting on the bed next to him and explained " I have been divorced for two years and have three kids, its been two long lonely years since I have had a mans cock in my mouth, and I do so much like sucking cock " that was obvious he thought to himself, She continued " my ex has the kids all weekend, have you any plans for the weekend? " he answered " no I would have watched the test match and had a few beers thats all " She already knew that he was divorced and lived alone because a friend had pointed him out in the street one day while they were shopping. She then said " would you like to spend the weekend here with me " to which he replied " yes I would like that very much but I will have to go home and pickup some things at some point " She said " ok, now would you do me a favour. " he said " yes he would " she then proceeded to explain to him what she would like him to do for her.

She put down her glass and reached into the drawer again and produced four lengths of soft white cord and gave them to him. He rose from the bed and she lay down and doubled a pillow beneath her buttocks to raise them. She lay back and offered him a wrist which he took and secured one end of a piece of the cord to it. The other end of which he tied to the bed head which was one of those old fashioned metal ones. He went round to the other side and did the same to the other offered wrist. he asked her if it were too tight and she said " no but a bit tighter would be nice " so he tighten both cords until she told him to stop. He went to the foot of the bed and secured another piece of cord to her ankle she spread her legs wide and he secured her ankle to the foot of the bed. He did the same to the other ankle. She was now firmly secured to the bed with her pussy pointing upwards because of the pillow under her buttocks. He moved to the table and picked up the bowl and knife and turned to the bed, She winced at the first contact of the cream on her breast, he spread it all over her breast and then did the same to the other. He moved down and in accordance with the instructions given to him earlier he spread cream over her stomach and down over her pussy, which he noticed was still very wet. He put down the bowl and the knife and picked up the chocolate buttons which he placed all over the cream, he popped a couple into her mouth as he was doing this. Satisfied with the result he stood back and looked at her, lovely he thought. He put the buttons down and picked up the camera pointed it and clicked the shutter, placing the camera back in the drawer with the photo. He knelt on the bed next to her, he reached up and kissed her lips she kissed him back, he did as he was told and started licking her neck slowly moving down to the left breast, he licked into the cream and chocolate buttons working his way round and round until only the large dark nipple was covered he licked round the breast a few more times as she moaned and wriggled beneath him. He opened his mouth wide and swallowed the remains of the cream and buttons taking her nipple into his mouth he sucked hard on it, it instantly grew very hard, he sucked on it some more, she moaned and moaned. He played tickled her nipple with his tongue as he sucked hard, the nipple grew harder and she moaned even more, she wriggled and writhed beneath him. She bit her lip and shuddered, she gasped and orgasamed at the same time, she must have very sensitive nipples he thought he had heard of women cuming through breast stimulation but he had never experienced it himself. He moved across to the other breast and licked the cream off in the same manner as the first, while he was licking he was teasing the left nipple between his thumb and forefinger to keep it good and hard. He did the same with the right nipple that he had done with the left sucking hard, she was moaning and writhing almost continously now as she orgasamed again.

He continued to lick his way to her stomach down and down he went taking the cream and buttons into his mouth as he did so. He moved down the bed and licked down across her abdomen and moved down her thigh with his tongue, working all over her thigh and around her inner thigh stopping just before her pussy. She was pleading with him to lick her pussy but he told her to wait he would get to that when he was ready and not until. He licked back up and round the cream covering her pussy and then worked his way down the other thigh and back up to the junction, He flicked his tongue across her pussy lips, she flinched as he did so and pleaded again for him to lick her pussy, he moved up onto her abdomen and started to lick the cream and buttons off. He licked and sucked her pussy lips to get all the cream off, she was moaning and writhing around, he slid his tongue between the pussy lips and worked it round and up and down. He changed his position and climbed between her outstreched thighs and licked her pussy. He licked all round the outside and across the lips, parting the lips with his tongue he licked her wet wet hole and inserted his tongue and licked in side her hole, she moaned and groaned and wriggled, he started to lick her cliterous slowly and softly at first, he inserted a finger into her hole and moved it to locate her g-spot and rubbed it in time with his licking of her clit. He sucked her clit gently between his lips and teased the tip of it with his tongue, he stopped sucking and started to lick her clit again faster and harder, she was moaning and writhing faster now, he continued the licking faster and harder. She shuddered and yelled out, he continued licking fast and as hard as he could, massaging her g-spot with his finger. She screamed and orgasmed bucking and wriggling about, straining against the ropes that held her to the bed, she seemed to not want to stop as he struggled to keep his tongue in contact with her clit. Eventually after what seemed like ages she relaxed and lay on the bed with beads of sweat covering her body. She spoke quietly to him saying " it was the best she had ever had after all she had two years frustration to let loose, thank you ". He replied " it was a pleasure " and she replied " the pleasure was all mine ".

He rose and stepped off the bed, walking round he released the cords from her ankles and wrists, and took the wine glass and handed it to her, she drank thirstily and drained the glass and offered it to him for a refill, which he did draining the bottle. She gulped it down and put the glass on the table as she rose from the bed, kissing him tenderly on the lips, wrapping her arms round his neck, she kissed him and thrust her tongue between his lips, He responded and they stood there kissing moving their tongues in each others mouths, locked together. His cock was hardening fast and she reached down and took it gently in her hand, and said " to end the perfect day I want to feel that inside me " and she dragged him back to the bed and laid him on it. She climbed onto the bed and straddled him eased herself up. She spread her lips with the fingers of one hand as she held his cock in the other, she gently lowered herself down until she was touching the tip, she released her hold and put her hands on his chest to support herself and slowly very slowly lowered herself onto his cock. 1 inch disappeared then 2, then a third, then she plunged his full 8 inches into her hole right down to the base, he reached up and touched her breasts and nipples. She just sat there with his cock in her hole, she then started to rock and move slowly up and down on his cock, working his length round every square inch of the inside of her hole. She started rocking faster and faster. she shuddered again and they orgasmed together. Screaming and bucking together as they came. She collapsed onto his chest with his cock going limp inside her. They lay like that for a while, his limp cock still inside her.

After about half an hour she rose and kissed him gently eased herself up allowing his limp cock to fall onto his stomach with a plop. She climbed off the bed put on her robe and went out the door, she returned a few minutes later with another bottle of wine and his now dry clothes. She poured some more wine into the glasses and they sat and drank in silence. She said that he had better go and get his things from his flat. He rose and dressed, she rose and stripped the bed, he had not noticed before but the sheet was covered in cream, melted chocolate. They went downstairs and into the kitchen, he did not bother with his tools, she opened the door and told him to hurry back, he got into his pickup and waved to her, he drove down the drive and opened the gates. He thought to himself as he drove down the road, " I wonder what she has planned for the rest of the weekend, it could be very interesting. "

But that as they say is another story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Short, it didnt look short to me,i didnt even read it.

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8/23/2006 12:18 pm

Hey Tony, even better than the first one mate!

Again, maybe overly descriptive, but not quite as "clinical" as the first, this could also just be down to my personal tastes so not necasarily a bad thing by the way.

Again, keep on blogging


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