A short story written by me some while ago  

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A short story written by me some while ago


After a good lunch, they return to his home for coffee, they go to his home as she has nosey neighbours and they could be interrupted.

He makes the coffee and they sit and drink it continuing the conversation they were having over lunch. He wonders if today is going to be the day that they start their affair, which they have been trying to make the time in their tight schedules to be alone for a few hours, He because of work and she because of her family and part-time work.

They finish their coffee and he gets up and collects the cups and takes them into the kitchen thinking does he let things happen naturally, or does he take her gently but firmly by the hand and lead her upstairs to the spare bedroom. The spare bedroom is equipped with a double bed used to put up guests when they are staying. The bed normally stands against the wall when not in use, but has been brought down especially for this occasion.

The time is 1:30, only an hour and a half before he takes her home. He makes his decision, returns to the lounge and approaches her takes her hand and asks her to stand up, he kisses her tenderly on the lips. She responds passionately and wraps her arms tightly round his neck, he encompasses her waist with his arms and pulls her closer towards him. After a few minutes of this they separate to get back their breath. He asks her tenderly if they should go upstairs and she replys yes. He takes her by the hand and leads her upstairs to the bedroom.

They enter the bedroom and resume the deep thrusting tongue kissing they had started downstairs. He by now had a large erection which was getting hard to hide even through his jeans. He stood back and admired the sight before him a 5’10” amazon with the figure of a model half her age, although she was approaching 40 she really had a good figure and liked to show it off in a tight tee-shirt and a mini skirt. He knew that naked she would look twice as good with her large firm breasts and shapely bottom. He reached for the waist band of her skirt and released the button and zip at the back letting the skirt fall to the floor. He then grasped the bottom of the tee-shirt and lifted it upwards she lifted her arms to allow him to remove it. He then started to caress every inch of her arms, back and torso with his lips tongue and hands allowing his hands to linger around her back to undo the catch on her white lacy brassière and allow her shapely breasts to fall free. He started to kiss her breasts and sucked her nipples which were erect like organ stops she uttered a gasp and a moan. While he was doing this she had removed his tee-shirt and was stroking the hairs on his chest and caressing his back, shoulders and arms. He knelt down and continued caressing her long lithesome naked ( no tights ) legs with his hands and tongue. When he was satisfied that he had covered every inch of her legs he worked his fingers into the top of her white lacy panties, He could see the dark patch of pubic hair through the thin material and smell the vaginal juices. He eased down her panties kissing her naked flesh as he removed them. He kissed her pubic mound and noted the pubic hairs were neatly trimmed and shaped.

He stood up and instructed her to remove his jeans which were already undone this she did caressing his legs as she did so. She reached for his underpants but he stopped her and told her to lay on the bed face down and he would give her a massage. He reached to the bedside table where he had earlier placed a bottle of baby oil and some scented massage rub, releasing the top of the rub he tipped some onto his hands and rubbed then together to warm it. He then started at her feet and expertly massaged her calves and thighs. When finished he sat lightly across her thighs and massaged her back, shoulders, arms and buttocks. He then instructed her to turn over and starting at her feet he again massaged her shins and thigh, and then sat lightly across her thighs and massaged her stomach, chest, shoulders, neck and arms leaving her breasts until last, he was surprised to notice that large breasts like hers were still pert and erect and not sagging to the sides. He then started kissing and sucking her breasts and working his way south towards her pubic mound. She spread her legs to allow him to kiss and lick her vaginal lips as he did so she moaned again so he located her clitoris and began working on and around it with his tongue. She moaned again, He eased a finger into her vagina, which was quite moist, it slipped in easily so he withdrew it and inserted two fingers and moved them in and out in time with the movements of his tongue. She spread her legs wider, her breathing quickened and she started moaning constantly, he knew that the time was close for her to orgasam so he quikened the pace of the licking and fingering, he was quite accomplished at oral sex and knew the signs of the impending orgasam, a few seconds later the orgasam exploded wihin her as she bucked and rocked around on the bed almost throwing him onto the floor but he hung on and continued fingering and licking her vagina until the power of her orgasam had died down. They were both sweating with the effort and the fact it was a warm day.
She reached up and pulled his head towards hers and kissed him saying thank you it was the best orgasam she had ever had. She then pushed him back onto the bed and said that it was his turn now she kneeled above him looking down at the huge bulge in his underpants and said that she wanted to see it. Although he was only just above average his circumcised erect penis made an impresive sight trying to force its way out of the waist band of his brief underpants. She put her fingers into the waistband and pulled the underpants down to his knees, he arched his back to allow her to do this, allowing his manhood to spring free. She looked at his penis for a few seconds and gasped. His organ was about 7 inches long and a girth of about 3 and a half inches. She said that she had not seen one so big and round before as her husband could only manage 5 inches and 2 and a half inches round. She kissed the tip and grasped it firmly but gently and pulled it upright. She opened her mouth wide and lowered her head and sucked about half of it into her mouth, rolling her tongue round the glans as she did so, he gasped. She carried on sucking and caressing his penis for a while then she decided it was time to have it inside her saying I’ve got to have it. He motioned to the bedside table where a selection of condoms had been placed previously. She selected one and took it out of the packet and applied it to his penis. He asked her how she wanted it first and she decided to go on top as he was already lying down so she straddled him and holding his penis with one hand and her vaginal lips apart with the other she expertly lowered herself down pausing at first contact and releasing a moan before taking the full length of his penis into her vagina moaning again as it went into her. He reached up to caress her breasts and roll her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. She move up and down his penises length rocking as she did so he reached down and rubbed her clitoris with a finger of one hand while still tweaking her nipple with the other. She stopped moving up and down and her breathing and moaning got faster and faster she then orgasamed again more intensly than the last. He did not know how he did not orgasam but he had managed to hold it back, his glans is very sensitive and usually he orgasams quite quickly during penetrative sex. She lifted herself off his still erect penis and said that she wanted it doggy style next and she turned round and presented her sumtuous rear to him. He knelt behind her and guided his penis towards her very wet vagina stopping to brush his glans against her vaginal lips, she moaned and urged him to stop messing about and ram it home. He did as he was told and guided the glans just into the entrance of her vagina and took a good firm hold of her hips and pushed his penis home right up to the hilt. She gasped and moaned some more, He thrust in and out moving from side to side as he did so slowly at first. He leant forward to fondle her breasts and she arched her back a bit more to allow him to do so. Her breathing and moaning got faster and she was urging him on, so he released her breasts and grasped her hips for the final effort. He thrust harder and faster and within a minute he felt the orgasam welling up inside his testicles. They orgasamed together and he collapsed onto her and they rolled over onto their sides his now dwindling penis still inside her. He turned her round and tickled her ear with his tongue she turned her head and kissed him tenderly and thrust her tongue deep into his mouth and said that it was the best lunch date she had had in a long time.
They looked at the clock it said 2:55. It was time to get dressed and to take her home so she was in when her children came in from school. They dressed in silence occasionally kissing each other. He wondered when they would be able to meet again as her cildren were on summer holidays in two weeks and they could not see each other until they went back to school in september. They went down stairs and got into the car and he drove the ten miles to her home. He parked outside and they kissed for a final time and she said that they could do this again soon. With that she got out of the car and walked up the path opened the front door turned and waved and went inside. He drove off and passed one of her children coming up the street. He wondered when the next time would be, if there wereto be a next time.


_madwolfuk01 43M

8/23/2006 11:56 am

Hiya Tony, as promised i had a read and im very impressed mate!

If i had to fault it the only thing i would say would be that it was a little over descriptive and a touch "clinical" for an erotic story, but otherwise its realy very good.

Hope you dont mind the comments, and keep on blogging!


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