Lost Love.....Ces  

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8/20/2006 9:23 am
Lost Love.....Ces

I was driving along shenton way the other when i noticed the huge banner poster for Great Eastern Insurance...hanging on the side of the building..

I almost can't belive my eyes...she was still as pretty as ever. It really bring back those sweet memories during my teenage days. It took afew Honks...to wake me up from my dream.

I got to know her during our 1st swing singapore. (Only local will know what this is all about). She came with 3 gals and me with a bunch or guys..around 6-7. As this is a dancing event that stretch out till dawn in orchard rd, we have actually book a hotel room for the night. As you know, during the 80s, we can only managed to get those cheaper stuffs in life.

Anyway, we settle in at Royal Hotel..around 2-3am. Imagine 10ppl squeezed inside the room with alot of laughter and giggling. I am pretty much awake with her and Est (her friend)..so we decided to go with some card games...The next think i know,her dad was here to pick her up in the morning. I didnt get to said a proper gdbye to her...so that make asking her contact even more far fetch.

I did manage to meet up with her after that but it was already months later. To make things worse, i was seeing Est instead. Durng those puberity time...who am i to be blame. Me & Est didnt last...and thus i lost total contact with Ces...I was 16 yrs then.

I was late for my date....Orchard MRT Control Station!!!Glad that my Gf waited for me long enough. As we walked towards Atria, a present caught my attention....we both breeze across each other path..she turns back and our eyes meet..it was Ces. I was so glad that she still remember me...she was with her Bf and i am with my gf then. But this time, i did get her nos...i was already 23 years then...6 years can do and change a lot to oneself life.......

to be con't

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