An open relationship is great, but requires open mind  

rm_tonynlolly 48M/54F
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3/16/2006 10:05 am

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3/22/2007 9:26 am

An open relationship is great, but requires open mind

After being in a truely open relationhip for some time, I feel there are two kinds of open relationships, 1st the messed up one where one is not really into it, but pretends thinking it will make all better and 2nd the truely open where I can call my hubby on the phone and say "hey I will be home late, the 19 year old orderly at works wants to fuck my brains out" and hubby says alright, have fun. That is my life!

angelofmercy5 60F
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3/16/2006 11:18 am

I'm mind is not quite that open! But more power to you and you hubby!

rm_tonynlolly 48M/54F
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3/22/2007 9:26 am

We have helped in establishing the Oregon Fantasy Island Group in Western Oregon. We are hoping to have two things happen. First, establish a regular and exciting club/dance type setting for members, non-members, and kindred spirits to enter an environment where they can freely express themselves, explore themselves, others, etc. We already have an amazing location for these events with enough room to host at least 500 people with various amenities. We are hoping to have private areas, open areas, and whatever else to meet as many different interests as possible. Check out and join the group. The AdultFriendFinder id is FantasyIslandOre and you can find the group from there. Please join and/or request to join both as members/friends. This can be a great thing for great people who want to make it happen. Thanks

jb_oregon 46M/45F

4/10/2007 5:06 pm

WOW..only took three seconds and ten years to FINALY find the couple we WANT to know..
The Couple that KNOWS in their soul that an OPEN relationship is actually the CLOSEST thing to a TRUE relationship EVER.
there is power in knowing your heart and SOUL are connected with your partner..
To KNOW and Understand with ALL certainty that SEX is accepted, that sex is Encouraged...if only for the story to share back at home.....mmm.. SO Fabulous.. SO lucky to have this kind of marriage

[SIZE 5]..IT TAKES work folks..

It is HARD to be honest and let go of Petty BULLSHIT idiosyncrasies. things you were taught were Taboo..but FEEL fucking OUT of this world. Nothing tops the toe curling orgasm that you never knew laid dorment inside.
and To hell with any selfish Lover who questions if they are 'good enough'..if you question..YOU AINT FUCKIN GOOD ENOUGH.

Cheers to you two HOT little FUCKERS. WE want you..We want EVERY sexy DROP of excitement you wish to share.

We are coming to find you.. just exhale..We will look for happy smoke

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