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11/26/2005 4:45 am

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My Story,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I'm sitting in my apartment, wondering what to do for the next week. My best friend is away with her hot new lover for an exciting week of hot, wet, wild sex. Her new lover not being into 3-somes, I am on my own for the week. I've done my cleaning, laundry, and paid all my bills. And have some fun money left. So I sit down at my computer to see what is happening in cyberland.
My yahoo messenger comes up and no offlines. That figures no one is on. I set my stealth settings to online to a few of my favorite friends to chat with. One of them being Him. Since no one is online and I sigh and start playing Pyramids. Suddenly a message pops up. Surprises me because no one has came online. As I"m reading I see its from Him. That's funny I think because HE usually shows up as online. The message says Hi, I'm not online because I only want to talk to you. And I don't want any interuptions. I"m thinking ut oh what have I done now. Must have been bad, cause I'm about to get in big trouble. So I say ok, I'm all yours. Sounding much more cheerful then I feel. You ask, Are you alone and on your own now? Yes I am, I reply. Good, you say, pack your bag for a week and I'll meet you in Eureka Springs. Just like that you want me to pack up and met you now.? I ask. Yes I do, you say. Hmmmmm, well ok. I answer. Not sure if I should. I pack and take off before talking myself out of going. I arrive at Cafe Santa Fe, just as you park. Being the gentleman you are, you walk over and open my car door for me to get out. I step out and start to say hello, before I can utter a sound, you kiss me deeply. Taking me in your arms and pulling me closer. I put my arms around your neck and kiss you back. Throwing all caution and reasoning aside, I decide to not question anything this week and just enjoy. After the kisses you take my hand and lead me into Cafe Santa Fe, I can't wait to show you this place. We go inside and I instantly love the atmosphere. We order drinks and talk for while waiting for our meal. You were right about this place, I love it. How did you know I would? You smile and say I just knew. We hold hands and walk around for awhile and then head back to the cars. You give me the directions to your cabin and tell me to follow you. Thankfully you drive where I can keep up with you. We arrive at the cabin, and I tell you its like a fantasy come true. Smiling mysteriously you say yes I've read about you and cabins. Quickly we take my bag inside and put it away. And our week is now beginning...........
Walking back into the living room I look for you but your not there, hmmmmmmmm OH!!!!!! I squeal as you sneak up behind me wrapping your arms around me and kissing my neck. Holding my arms down so I can't stop you from exploring my neck and ears. Kissing my neck slowly you move closer to my ear. Not knowing that my ears are a very sensitive part of my body, you move closer, just as you touch the outer part of my ear, I suddenly hold my breath. You chuckle, knowing you've found one of those special spots of mine. You move even slower now, teasing me, running your tongue around the outside of my earlobe, and kissing and nibbling, I take a deep breath and hold it. All of a sudden you quickly run your tongue in my ear fast and all over at the sametime. Squealing and struggling to break my arms loose, laughing and begging you to stop, please stop, the last thing on your mind is stopping. I stomp my foot and plead, although you know I am enjoying it as much if not more then you are. You turn me around to face you and let my arms go. Smiling you look into my eyes, my checks are red from embarrasment and I'm breathing hard, and you are loving every minute of it. You take me in your arms and kiss me, softly at first and then harder and deeper as you start to move your hands over my body. I can feel your hands through my clothes almost as if my clothes weren't there. We have waited so long for this time, just you and me. Why we've waited so long, neither of us knows. I start running my hands over your body, wanting to touch you all over your entire body, all at once. I try to run my hands under your shirt to finally be skin to skin with you, but you stop me, I look at you surprised. Was I wrong? Do you not want me touching you skin to skin? Looking at you confused, you tell me slow down baby girl, we have all the time in the world. Trying to control my breathing and stop my head from spinning I just stand there not sure what to do. You take me back into your arms, and just hold me. You gain control of your breathing too. Holding me, you tell me baby I want you so much its all I can do not to take you right now. Then take me I say, take me now, I want you too. I know baby, you say, but not now, not like this. It has to be perfect the first time. Still confused I simply smile and nod my head. Trusting you to know what is best. You start a fire in the fireplace and then bring us a couple of drinks, after putting some romantic music on. We sit close and watch the fire, sipping our drinks and just talking. As the fire makes us cozy and the drinks relax us. The music in the background. No one else is in the world tonight but us. You have me sit in the floor on a pillow, between your legs, and you gently start rubbing my shoulders, rubbing for awhile, then running your fingers through my hair, playing with it and leaning down to kiss my neck, first one side then the other. Between the rubbing, kissing, and playing with my hair, I am totally into your every touch. Hypnotized by your touch. You reach down the front of my blouse to caress my breast first with your hand on my bra, then under it. Squeezing the nipple between your fingertips, and rolling it around. You squeeze just a bit tighter, as I sigh. Turning my head around towards you, you kiss my lips and our tongues dance around each other, pulling your tongue in my mouth I suck gently and then harder on your tongue, then you do the same with mine. I rise to my knees while we continue kissing and you are caressing my nipple. My hand caress's the inside of your thigh, our kissing continues, getting deeper as time goes by. It's as if time has stopped............... and the story continues at another time.

nit4fun614 55M

12/4/2005 8:25 am

tokena sounds like this is the start of one fabulous week. can't wait to hear more!

rm_ripat72032 54M
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1/4/2006 3:43 pm

WOW Girl !!!! And what next !!????? You have an audience wondering ......

rm_sccboy 56M
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3/2/2006 9:30 pm

sounds like a lot of fun tell me more tell me more

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