Who's behind the computer?  

rm_tlaw781 40M
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7/6/2006 10:53 am

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12/6/2007 5:05 pm

Who's behind the computer?

I have to admit I have seen some craziness on this site and I just can't help but think damn who is really behind that computer?
I see people who represent themselves as pretty much god's gift to the world and some who are seemingly humble. I see pictures of people guys and gals alike who could be considered perfect tens on "society's" scale of beauty. Then I think if they are such beautiful people why could they not just go into a local drinking establishment and take home pretty much any number of people? Do they need the reassurance of thousands who send lines "wanna fuck?"
Which got me back to the question of who is really behind the computer? Is that beauty only skin deep and they couldn't carry a conversation to save their life? Are they terribly ugly in every other way?
Now some people blog and I think you can tell a lot about a person from those posts. Maybe it's all lies but why bother? Back to the question who's behind? Are they so insecure, not only do they post the most wonderful picts but pump themselves on their own blog?
So as much as I would like to have a "reality" detector for so many of these people on here I boiled it down to this... This site is a micro reality of the larger picture.
Some people are that insecure they'll do whatever they can for reassurance and they wouldn't blink an eye your way if you're not in their "class." Some people are extremely cool and honest and would represent themselves on here the same way they would at a coffee shop or walking down the street. Some people have no idea what they wanna be and just beg the question "who behind the computer."
SO making your way around this place have you seen or met someone and you ask that question in your head? Who's behind that computer? Are they real or just an illusion of what they want others to see? Or do you even care? Are you just more the person passing by the park and you stop to take a seat and could care less what or who the others are? Finally how would you describe yourself on here? Real? Slightly fake? Or maybe a mix!?

cuteNEway 42F

7/8/2006 7:08 pm

I am 350% R-E-A-L baby! Nothin fake here 'cept my haircolor!

Is that beauty only skin deep and they couldn't carry a conversation to save their life? Are they terribly ugly in every other way?
The answer to that is yes alot of times (not all) I've had guys that I find unbeliveable gorgeous talk to me and I'm turned of because he can't have an intelligent conversation. Doesnt't get humor 'cept for the obvious stuff and/or is a complete prick.

It's sad how people have to fake who they are. They make up fabulous lives or exaggerate how good they have it. Why do that? Our lives are full of enough drama without making up more, dontcha think?

rm_tlaw781 replies on 7/9/2006 11:10 am:
Couldn't have said it better. Sometimes i understand if someone is maybe downplaying something. For ex you come back from the casino and you lost your ass and you say "uhh wasn't too good lost a little" I think everyone does that but I see so many out and out facades on here I just don't see why.I think if you can't be real on here where the hell can you be real?!

rm_tlaw781 replies on 7/9/2006 11:17 am:
Sorry had to add. The 350% real made me laugh. Whenever somebody throws out a number like that I laugh because I always think back to the simpsons episode where homer is playing for mr burns softball team and he's kinda brainwashed. The coach tells him to give a 110% percent and he responds "that is impossible it in only possible to give 100%"!! Sorry shit like that makes laugh. I'm an uber dork I know...

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