Uh Ohhhh...my blog post has been rejected...why?  

rm_tkwswing 52M/51F
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4/18/2005 4:26 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Uh Ohhhh...my blog post has been rejected...why?

Ok...so I am going through our blog entries to read the recent comments and I notice that AdultFriendFinder has put in big, bold, red letters that the post was rejected due to language, content, or some other bull shit. And, this was not a recent post, this post was from March 31st...and yes, I did go in and change the word from "cummy" to "used".

Now here's what pisses me off...the post was about my panties and what kills me, is that the only bad language that was used in this post was the word "cummy". So...does this mean that you can't use the word cum, in any context, in any post??? If so, they're going to piss off a lot of people. I know there are other posts we have written that are quite explicit but haven't gotten the red bold letters.

The last time I checked...this is a site about and for sex. Right? It's ok to post a picture of my husband's dick in my ass, but not ok to write about used underwear?

Anyone experience this yet? If you have, please share your post that got reviewed...

GonadMadamFilth 45M
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4/18/2005 5:56 pm

weird! I've had posts not put up an dcomment dissappear but never a post put up for review. Good thing you could change it, i wasn't even afforded that opportunity. Sometimes this site is screwy.

How long do you think this post will remain?

Do you think my comment will make it to your post?

We'll see.

GonadMadamFilth 45M
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4/18/2005 7:07 pm

I had my first post put up for review. I jinxed myself again. Damn, why do I keep doing that?!

Funny thing, and just like yours, it doesn't tell you what is wrong. I had no bad words in there at all.

rm_tkwswing 52M/51F
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4/18/2005 7:20 pm

It's amazing isn't it? I can't believe they would even review the blogs for that kind of content any way...it's not a "pg" or "r" site, it's a "XXX" site for pete sake.

How many posts have you seen with foul language, and content that every mother loves??? LOL

I hope this post will remain...maybe our friends at AdultFriendFinder will reconsider some of their time wasting efforts and fix the real problems that are on the site.

We love this place, but can't believe they don't have better things to do.

Apolybear 55M

4/19/2005 2:55 am

Keep in mind that AdultFriendFinder is a huge site, so no one is actually censoring our blogs. They have bots which are programs that seek out specific things AdultFriendFinder doesn't like. Unfortunately, this site is having issues with the blogs - it's new and all the bugs haven't been worked out yet. Stuff disapears, stuffs deleted, whole blogs crash etc.

LimesMastsAvoid 71M
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4/19/2005 8:35 am

The AdultFriendFinder staff is populated by a rats nest of castrated choir boys....I know, I see them eat luch in the park, they are bald , overweight with huge breasts from the hormone injections given them by management to keep them docile.

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