The best sex I've ever had...  

rm_tkwswing 52M/51F
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4/10/2005 8:54 pm

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6/19/2007 7:22 pm

The best sex I've ever had...

...was last night after camming on AdultFriendFinder.

I waved goodbye to all of our friends and was quite horny...we turned on a hot porn movie (girl on girl) while he gently kissed my nipples then down to my pussy until I couldn't take it anymore. He alternately licked and sucked my clit, probing my pussy with his finger. Finally, I made him lay on his back and I gave him the best blow job I think I've ever given, after I rubbed his cock with my thigh-highs. That drives him nuts.

As I was blowing him, he sat up and played with my ass, while I looked into his eyes. I took my tongue and ran it from his balls all the way up the length of his shaft. Then I took his cock deep into my throat then out again. In and out, driving him crazy...I finally mounted him and rode him hard, looking into his eyes until I came. He turned me around and fucked me from behind, with his finger probing my ass. Long, hard, then short but fast strokes until he came. We collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily...both of us said it was the best ever.

Why was it the best ever? We've had intense sex before, some maybe even more intense. But when you and your partner look into each others eyes for 99% of the session, it really makes it special.

You fill in the blank. "The best sex I ever had was ________".

Niceandsexy33327 58M

4/13/2005 3:04 am

Wow, you look sweet. The best woudl be if I could help him satisfy you. Have you ever wonder how good it would be to have a big juicy cock in your mouth while he fucked you. To have two mouths suckig on your breast at the same time?

My best sex continues to take place. The more I do it the better it gets. The exiting thing now is to stimulate as many senses at the same time.

patsam69 52M/52F

4/13/2005 10:38 am

looking into your lovers eyes when you are having sex is awesome..It opens emotions u didnt know you is really a rush...I love it.

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