Squirting aka Female Ejaculation...  

rm_tkwswing 53M/51F
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4/4/2005 8:29 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Squirting aka Female Ejaculation...

At the risk of sounding naive...exactly what is squirting? We have only seen one woman ejaculate in a movie and know there are plenty of porn movies that focus on this phenomenon. However, we want to know:

Is is true that women who squirt are just peeing while they're cumming or is it some special "G" spot female ejaculation?

If it is a "G" spot ejaculation, is it creamy like men's ejaculation or clear?

MNbigguy7 59M  
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4/5/2005 7:19 am

It is clear, is not pee and usually results from g-spot stim.

man4nooners1 47M
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4/5/2005 10:54 pm

Definitely clear. Pretty much the same as a woman's normal lubricant. There is some argument over whether it is released thru the urethra or thru glands just inside the vagina- I really am not sure. It can be a small, almost indetectable splash, or more of a stream, sometimes powerful.
It is a product of stimulation of the G-spot area behind the clitoris. In my experience, the best way to make this happen, is for the woman to have a orgasm through clitoral stimulation first, then shortly afterward, doggie style sex with the man aiming his penis downward inside the vagina, to provide the G-spot stimulation.
Apparently most women either can't or don't "squirt". But it is very hot when it does happen, especially unexpectedly.

Silver330 50M  
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4/6/2005 8:58 am

More woman can squirt than you think, part of it is that they have never had a man willing to spend the time to get thier bodies to do it. Female ejaculation is a wonderful and very erotic experiance. The best way to get a woman to ejaculate is to have her sitting on her knees, using two fingers, slid in to middle knuckles. curve your fingers slightly and you should be able to feel her G-spot, it'll feel like a small hard lump. with constant massage, she should be able to squirt. Once she's learned that she can do it, she'll e able to do it more often and with more force.

Even if it doesn't work for your partner, I doubt she'll complain about the attention

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4/6/2005 5:06 pm

I've had several squirters; they were all clear. The fluid is practically water, really. Almost no flavor at all. But it's not just from the g-spot; I've had girls come and squirt from being licked also. Usually it's pretty strong of a stream. It is always very sexy when it happens. I don't know if I agree that any woman can do this, given that I've only witnessed it in maybe 5% of my encounters; but like the myth that most women can't come from intercourse, maybe it's just a matter of having it done right.

TakesTeatsStood 51M
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4/7/2005 5:08 pm

I have only been with one woman that I would call a 'squirter' - I agree - clear fluid and also very erotic. I guess maybe part of it would be that in some tiny part of your mind you think a woman MIGHT be faking it - in this case there is no doubt!!

TakesTeatsStood 51M
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4/7/2005 5:10 pm

Oh, and the woman I am speaking of came that way with both oral stimulation and with penetration, matter of fact, every time she came there was another lil river - I swear I worried she was going to dehydrate at one point!!

wyvernrose 39F  
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4/9/2005 8:27 pm

hmmmm must admit I don't 'squirt' but it isn't uncommon after riding to find ourselves in a puddle literally, it is clear and very obvious that it isn't urine, I have cum just by having guys touching me in the right way, not even necessarily the clit either, I once had a guy doggy me while I was bracing against a brick retaining wall. he had pounded me so hard, and then just touched me lightly on my lower back just above my crack and it set me off,lol I couldn't stop trembling, of course at the time I was alot younger and worried he thought that trikle down my legs was other, but he was alot older than me and knew better lol it was actually the first time it had happened to me.


rm_cnudigit 57M/53F
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4/10/2005 4:51 am

Ok, let me just tell you i have 2 different orgasms, one is creamy, and one i do squirt, loads. And it is clitoral stimulation only. mmmmmmm what a wet spot!!!!

rm_cele2flowers 43F
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4/12/2005 9:17 pm

I'll chime in and say that I have been able to "squirt" a few times. What works for me is to get really worked up before even getting to the clit, then having it licked while there is a finger rubbing my
g-spot. After an orgasm or two I really let go and the squirting begins.

I'd like to add that it does feel somewhat similar to peeing, so I wouldn't be surprised if some women don't squirt just for that reason.

Finally, I didn't become able to squirt as easily until I started doing Kegal exercises, which not only makes me feel tighter to my lovers than I already am, but increases all the sensations in the pussy.

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4/14/2005 4:56 pm

It is impossible to pee while aroused. Both men and women have this "safety" built in. I didnt start squiting until I was almost 40 yrs old. Now I can squirt several feet into the air. It feels AMAZING!!!!! I always had a great sex life, but my husband and I are really into our prime now. Lots of time for each other, no more job stress. I love it.

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4/19/2005 1:10 am

I had always heard about this happening, just thought it was bull....however, recently, during a very hot session, my girl was teasing the tip of my cock...very slowly inserting the head in and out....until she could no longer stand it, and then bouncing up and down on my hard cock...this went on for about 5 to 10 minutes, then I flipped her over and started teasing her.....I'd give her a little then more....and she was fingering her clit....when I felt a warm trickle of clear fluid coming from her pussy....I rubbed my cock up and down her slit, over her clit, and then started fucking her hard, and at that moment, she lost control and a huge gusher hit me, I looked down and I could see it splashing off my stomach and thigh.....it was so erotic, that I shot my load deep insider of her....it was wild...as we laid in the after glow, she told me that the feeling was intense, and that the first little stream felt great, but when she started gushing.....she felt it in her toes.....I am now a believer!!!!! Talk about a wet spot!!!!!

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