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My father worked for the government from the time he was 18 until he retired at 55. His hands worked on a computer writing programs, but his hand have always been those of an artist. He can take chalk and create a beautiful drawing; whittle wood into a fantastic sculpture; or take oils and paint an intoxicating bouquet of flowers. He wouldn't admit it to you...but art is his passion.

Not everyone can have talented hands like his, but deep within each of us, we have the same ability to be passionate about our lives. All we have to do is search our hearts for our special passion.

Passion satisifies a vital human need: the need for connection. It's the feeling we get when we are in tune with something larger than ourselves. Passion makes us feel alive, makes us certain that we walk this planet for some purpose.

Opportunities to experience passion are everywhere... sometimes they are quiet, like writing a best-selling novel, or cooking a special meal for your loved one. Sometimes they speak loud, drawing you to faith, a social cause, or community involvement.

Passion powers our souls like a battery powers a flashlight. Without it, our hearts go hungry.

My heart is full of passion...for my life, my love, and for the journey we have begun together...

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