...and I thought I was a bad girl...  

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2/27/2005 2:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

...and I thought I was a bad girl...

...after a long weekend with my mom, aunt, and best friend...in the Smokey Mountains where there is no cell service and no way to have phone sex with my man...you can only imagine how horny I am at this point.

So I get home from being away since Friday and I ask him what he did all weekend. He tells me he chatted with a few AdultFriendFinder friends, did some things around the house, and did some laundry. After saying my hellos to everyone, I go onto the blogs to see who's been here, what's been said, and I notice he has put a post out there. I get curious as to what he's been up so I ask him some questions. He has this smirk on his face and I know he's been up to something. So I ask him if he's been taking photos, if he jerked off this weekend...and he tells me, "That's for me to know and you to find out."

I find out alright. I go to my e-mail and there, in full view, are five beautiful pictures of his masturbation session on Friday; from beginning to end. His note attached was subtle, but to the point, and makes me feel so beautiful and sexy that I can make him feel this way. What a wonderful thing for him to do for me...totally unexpected but extremely exciting.

I can't wait to get the boys in bed so we can enjoy each other's company...look at the photos together, get naked, fool around, make love and maybe...just maybe take some more...

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