You Found Who?  

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2/4/2006 5:43 pm

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You Found Who?

Actual conversation between tits and myself...

Tits - Hey honey, I found Jesus in the bathroom floor. Let's cut it out and sell it on bee-yay.

Tires - *walking towards bathroom*

Tits - I found a witch too, and there's a duck over here by the tub, but he's got a messed up head. Looks like he didn't quite "duck" fast enough one time.

Tires - *as I arrive at the bathroom* Where's Jesus?

Tits - *pointing to a pattern on the linoleum* See, here is the hair, here's the nose, the chin, and that's the eye.

Tires - *giving her a strange look*

Tits - I guess it could be Abe Lincoln, huh?

Tires - It looks more like that guy from the Moody Blues. Where's the witch?

Tits - *pointing at the witch pattern* See the hat, and the chin, and the...

Tires - We can't sell her on bee-yay. She's smoking a blunt.

Tits - Oh yeah, she is, isn't she?

Tires - She's got a great chin, though, for a witch, don't you think?

Tits - Yeah she does.

Tires - That's alright. The Moody Blues have fans, we'll sell it. I'm going to get a knife. OOh. You're right. That duck's got a messed up grill.

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