They're up there. You've just got to look!  

rm_titsandtires 53M/42F
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1/31/2006 9:33 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

They're up there. You've just got to look!

A good friend of mine does taxes for a living. She used to work for a CPA, but has since decided to do her own thing for health reasons. She's a wonderful soul. Two things about her that I just adore...

1. Her ability to change from the good cop to the bad cop at the drop of a pin.

2. Her ability to tell a story in a humorous manner, even if it is something that isn't that funny.

She told me last year that she had to paint her office before tax season. Huh? I'm thinking, "Does it look that bad?" As soon as she sees the puzzling look on my face, she follows with "To cover up last years numbers!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked.

"When ever I ask a client about an expense... say for instance I ask them how much they spent on office supplies, or how much they gave to charity, they roll their head back, look at the ceiling, and tell me how much they spent."

"Oh yeah! I do that too, I guess."

She told me that when ever a client does it about three or four times, she'll look up there too and ask them where they're seeing that at.

So do you have all you answers on your ceiling yet? I do. I'm looking at them now!

Oh crap. I think those are last years. Paint, anyone? Semi-gloss white?

slidein2meplz 63F
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2/2/2006 10:09 am

I heard somewhere..I think it was one of those crime reality show things where they show how they investigated this or that crime...and it seems to me...and I could be way off wrong...but they said that when people look upwards...that they are trying to remember, and so when they would question a suspect, if they looked upwards...which is human nature apparently according to this expert on this meant truth.

Sort of like they were looking up into their mind to find the memory of whatever it is they need to tell or whatever.

But if they looked anywhere else while thinking about whatever it is, usually meant they were trying to come up with a story.

I don't have any answers yet either...

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rm_titsandtires 53M/42F
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2/5/2006 8:35 am

I recall hearing something like that too, slide. It was funny to me when she told me, though. I know I do the same thng, even if I'm just pulling a number out of my ass. Somehow or another, it's on the ceiling. I know it is!

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