is it me?  

HalosUmbelTithe 63M
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8/4/2005 11:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

is it me?

i'm a little confused about a few things i see on this website. at the top of this page under it says "the worlds largest SEX & SWINGER personals site". i would say that most of the guys here didn't sign up to find a wife or serious girlfriend, their main goal (as was mine)was to find someone to have sex with. i'm not saying that something serious couldn't happen between two people that met here, but why would anyone join a site that is geared for people looking mainly to get laid or swing to find that "mate they've been searching for all of their lives? any thoughts on this? i'm not trying to come off like i'm shallow just thing there are other dating sites where what they are looking for can be found.

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2/23/2006 3:25 am

see that i can understand it's the people that come here looking for the ideal mate when this site is for people wanting to meet others for sexual things that boggles my mind

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