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3/14/2006 9:40 am

A friend of ours had a baby a few months earlier a beautiful woman, long dark blond hair, a dancer by trade even after here birth of a few months she was back into shape and looking as good as every.

On a few occasions where we went to here house for a braai or general get together I could not take my eyes off of here, she is one of those women whose voice even gets you hard and wet just listening to it.

She sent a sms to here husband telling him how much she wanted him inside of here, how she could feel his touch his dick entering into here moving inside, how he would taste here as she came into his mouth.

Well just by reading the misguided sms I was hard and throbbing and wanted to fuck here with everything in me.

The following day I had to go around so I phoned and made some feeble excuse about why I had to go around, she said it was ok and I went. When I got there here husband was away, she had asked me to call before I went over I guess when I got there I knew why she was dressed in light tight fitting blue jeans and a skimpy white t shire with no bra man did she look hot.

As I got into the yard she gave me a big long strong hug and I knew then she liked me as well it was not the type of a hug you casually give out on meeting.

We had a cup of coffee and generally talked we were in the kitchen. She looked at me and smiled whilst slowly walking over, placing here one leg in-between mine she kissed me deeply letting here tongue explore my mouth whilst here hand went for my balls she slowly rubbed them in here hand.

The next thing I knew here top was off and I had here breasts in my mouth they were soft and full here nipples hard and erect, as I flickered my tongue over them she arched here back here head went back and she groaned my name softly.

My hand went in-between here legs and through here jeans O gently rubbed here pussy, here body started to shudder I undid here button and slowly unzipped here jeans pulling them off I was on my knees with here glistening clit by my mouth.

Dipping my tongue into here caused a ripple to go through here body, I was by now naked and I helped here to the floor where she opened here legs for me, I flickered my tough over here clit until she arched here back and came I took here hand and placed it on my hard throbbing dick and she slowly guided me into here open pussy, she was so wet and warm I almost came right there.

I moved in and out of here she grabbed me and bit my shoulder and I came inside of here it was like my whole body exploded into here.

The next moment she was on here knees wanting me to take here from behind, I grabbed here hips and entered here as she held herself open I went in as slowly as I could she started to ram herself against me the next moment she came here whole body was shaking like we could not get enough of me, we lay of on the floor for some time after that touching and rubbing ourselves against each other.

It was one of the best I had ever had

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