My Amazing Night..................  

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7/12/2006 10:05 am

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My Amazing Night..................

Here I am Blogging again! I find it is something I do enjoy. I usually keep my secrets to myself, but here I can share them with like-minded people. I left a comment on "Have you ever been stood up?" It is alot to re-type, but I can give you the gist of it here. Last Saturday night my honey and I went to a local resturant to meet a single male who was coming to Lake City from Jax for a "meet & greet." He had been emailing me daily just asking how I was and I thought that was nice. We finally chatted and we set up to meet. I had a wierd gut feeling to NOT drive to Jax to see him, and it was good we did not because it would have been a total waste of time and expensive gasoline. He offered to come here so we got to the resturant early as we do not like to keep anyone waiting. He had given us his cell phone number to call if we had a problem or he was running late. In our chat he had told me I was gorgeous from my pictures we had opened for him on another site. It made me feel good to hear that. I did not think he was good looking at all, but in high school I dated the homliest guy in school because he was honest, warm, sweet and the funniest person I have ever met. So I learned not to judge a book by its cover. My honey and me sat in the parking lot waiting. Tick tock...wait somemore. Since it was busy inside we thought we better get a table. We went in and waited some more. My honey called the guys number three times and no answer, just his voice mail. So when an hour passed by, we knew we had been stood up and headed for home. Yes, I did feel bad. Was I too ugly? Too fat? What was wrong with me? It was the first time I had ever been stood up. But then I looked at my love, and here I was with the most handsome man I have ever known, and I was lucky to be right where I was and had no reason to let someone else make me feel bad. My love said the night was young and we were dressed so why don't we go out and have some fun. So we went to Jax anyways, and went to the Underground Club. It is a swinger club that is attatched to a Gentlemans Strip Club and you can go back and forth to both clubs as you wish. I went into the ladies room to freshen up and a lot of the strippers were in there, and their attention immediately went to my 44DD breasts. I have always thought I was straight, but as they fondeled my boobs and asked where I got them done LOL, I told them they were real so they all had to feel them to be sure. All this groping did not bother me at all, but left me flushed with excitement and wonderment. Now none of this ever happens when my honey is around so when I rejoined him in the Club, (which was having a Bi-female) party, I told him, and he was getting glassy-eyed as I went on with my story. LOL Thought his head would explode! So I suggested we go into the Gentlemens Club and watch the dancers. I had no clue as to what I was in store for. We sat where we could be right up by the strippers. Then this beautiful brunette dances her way to us and is dancing just for me. She saw my $$$ for her G-string and had me stand up so she could nuzzle my face between her breasts. I thought just that was fantastic, but more was to cum. This absolutely gorgeous hot blonde started dancing for me. Then she crawled on all fours like a cat right up to me and actually purred into my ear. She nuzzled my neck nipping and kissing her way to my lips. She kissed me so gently with the softest sweetest lips I have ever tasted. I was lost in her for a moment. Then she danced and did amazing feats I wish I could do with those perfect legs of hers. Her skin was milky white and smooth and perfect. Then she knelt back down crawling to me and I was wearing a strapless dress, that she pulled the top down on and began to lick and suckle on my nipple. She saw the security guy head over and waved him away to let him know it was ok. As she licked my nipple with little kitten licks, she moved her hair back so my husband could see and looked him right in the eye to make sure he was watching. He WAS watching as were all the other male patrons and no body was watching the other dancers because all eyes were on me and the hot blonde and what we were doing. Her skin smelled fresh and perfumed and made me heady with desire. I could not have stopped her even if I wanted to and I did not want to! For a moment she disappeared, only to re-appear climbing into my seat behind me. She reached around me and with her tiny hands groped and felt the heaviness of my breasts as she kissed my neck. Then a playful tug of my hair, to be nearer my lips and another kiss. She was rubbing her pussy against me from behind, to the music and I could feel how hot and wet she was. I was just as hot and wet too. It was a far better night than if that guy had shown up. So being stood up? It worked for me! Because I had a much better time with those beautiful girls. And after all these years of saying I am straight, I know I am BI. I have had dreams all my life where I actually wake up orgasming because in the dream I was with another woman. So in the words of the infamous Dolly Levi...."What do you think of me now?"

shamanRon53 64M
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7/13/2006 11:25 pm

Thanks for reading my blog,
it's life to deal with people even in their insecurities, gees, this is frustrating to say the least!
I may not have the looks, I once had, older, it happens to us all , then again, I am not the worst looking guy either.? , I have plenty of offers, sex and other thing, somewhat picky these days , we all need to be , trusting my gut feeling, above all, I am a hell of a nice guy , and don't need to be fucked over, maybe screwed, but not fucked over?
o well, I will move on.. and learn what I need too in this.

I have had enough action for 5 people, some good, some bad, but I have never felt the insult of being stood up by anyone male or female, until this happened?
you could relate, sorry,you had it too, I am trying to keep from letting this get me down .. and I know , it's not easy.
give you a bit of history,

I dated women mostly until my mid twenties, and found that there was another side of life.

In the early 80's , I needed a job , PART TIME ANYWAY!
I applied and showed my stuff to men and women, I became a stripper with a group of guys, needless to say that was great, there
I met a woman who was married, she always told me :
" being a bi-sexual doubled your chances for a date on Saturday nights" ,isn't that a true statement ? ,
needless to say we had lots of fun, eventually her and her hubby also, that's another Blog, for another time.

I married at age 45, to a very like minded female, I truly love and respect, we are best of friends , separated, not because of my interest in same sex, we are so much alike, ,it's fate, everyone should be so lucky to have what I do , but they don't , truly grateful for it all.
be happy just to know who you are, experience it all.. grow with who you are, you'll never be sorry of that.

Lao Tsu, said,, "Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.".
this is key to our self esteem, don't let it get you down, move forward, grow with the experience!

have heard, " what doesn't kill you , will make you stronger, so what 's next, the Superman movie for me? don't think so....

My best to you, my soul sister... wish we were closer.. I could get to know you and your man that sound hot, it wouldn't be my first time..
although sometimes people are not sure of themselves,
it most likely had nothing to do with you, they are the insecure ones.. "Fantasy" you know, is different from " Reality", some fantasize about being open, some of us truly are.
I call that being honest.
remembering that, "I don't mind being fucked, but just hate being fucked over"
go back and look at my Blog sometime, you might find something else there enlightening?
hugs and kisses to a like minded soul... grow, don't let anything tear you down, even someone who only has a fantasy, they are the ones trying to find themselves, we are lucky.. we passed that hurdle already, don't you think?


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