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9/22/2005 2:00 am

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The first

It was 15 years ago. I was away at a Summer School and having a great time. I'd joined up with a group of guys all around my age (mid 30's is close enough) and whenever there was no studying to do we were having a beer or two (or rather more) and generally having a good time.

I was just enjoying the freedom of being with a bunch of folks who were effectively strangers. I could act as I chose, and I chose to be relaxed and to let my hair down. We went to the evening disco and danced uninhibtedly as only a group of men can. We had no cares.

Tuesday evening we found ourselves in one of the communal areas around 1am having coffee and a chat with a number of others, including GEN (I'll explain the pseudonym later). I was oblivious to it, but as we wandered back to our rooms one of the other lads said "She fancies you". The thought hadn't crossed my mind, and the expression seemed so 'teenage' that I ignored it. I'd been married for 12 years and had never strayed beyond the odd kiss and cuddle with a work colleague. It wasn't that I had no interest, I just didn't see myself as attractive to other women.

Wednesday most of us went off-campus and had a wander round Manchester. When we got back it was late and one of the guys who hadn't been wth us said "GEN was asking where you were" I got a lot of ribbing along the lines of "You're in there" and "wahayyyyyyy go for it!". As I thought back over the past couple of days I realised that she had sat with me for pretty much every meal and during other breaks from studying too, and that that couldn't all be coincidence.

Thursday she sat with me again at breakfast, lunch and evening. But didn't talk directly to me. She did ask our group if we were going to be at the disco that night. Now I WAS paying attention. She was a touch older than me (early 40's). About 5' 2" and slightly built. Strawberry blonde hair, green eyes that twinkled when she smiled, and a lovely clear complexion that had little need of make up.

Thursday evening I showered extra long and made sure I was presentable. I wasn't convinced that there was a chance, but I was curious to find out.

We danced a few times in a group, no physical contact but it was clear that although we were in a group of at least a dozen WE were dancing TOGETHER. When the music slowed we moved into an embrace. Her hips against my groin aroused me to a level that told her I was interested. As the music stopped I leant forward and asked "Can we go somewhere quieter?"

She took my hand and we walked to her room. The bed was neatly made and the bedside lamp carefully positioned so that it cast a soft light. She had obviously prepared for this moment.

We embraced and savoured the first kiss. I dropped my hands to her waist, hardly able to believe what was happening. We looked at each other and I said something like "Are you sure about this?". She just put her hands tound my neck and pulled my lips to hers again.

I unbuttoned her top (M&S if I'm any judge) and slid it from her shoulders. Her skin was flawless and i cupped her breasts before sliding my hands around her to unfasted her bra. Her breasts were small and firm with tiny pink nipples. I kissed them and her back arched towards me. I nibbled them and her hands gripped my hair which I took to mean that I should bite. I bit, She moaned.

I slid my hands down to the waistband of her trousers and eased them down - they slipped easily to the floor and she stepped out of them and lay back on the bed naked but for a pair of white panties (more M&S). My erection was now almost painful and I was aware that if I wasn't careful this encounter could be over very quickly.

I knelt between her legs and kissed her through her panties. Then slid them down to reveal that she was truly blonde. My lips grazed against the softness of her pubic hair and then my tongue eased into her. Licked, nibbled, teased, responded to her hands in my hair and her obvious pleasure as she lifted her legs up and over my shoulders to give me a better angle. When she came it was prefaced by a low moan that rose in volume and pitch to be almost a scream. As she came she gushed her juices over my tongue, into my mouth, over my face.

We lay still for a moment. Her naked body glowing and a contented smile on her face. Then she moved to undress me. Straddle me and for the next three hours she literally fucked me senseless. The bed, the floor, the windowsill, back to the bed. There came a point where I was laying flat on my back as she rode me, and beginning to think that I had nothing left to give, then felt my orgasm start at my feet and work it's way up my body. My entire body stiffened and the waves of sensation crashed through me. She smiled down at me after that one and said "That looked good" I couldn't speak, all I could manage was a nod.

So, that's when I discovered what I was capable of. I'm older now and very much more experienced, but I still think about her from time to time and remember the debt I owe her. She started me on a road that has given me so much pleasure. I'm still surprising myself too!

Oh, yeah, why GEN? There was a point during the night when we talked and she described herself as being "a Green-Eyed Nymphomaniac" I never did work out if she meant it or if it was a joke.

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