I'm an impatient type of guy  

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9/23/2005 4:25 am

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I'm an impatient type of guy

Don't get me wrong, I'm thorough, and very patient in lots of things <wink wink> but I can be rather impatient about getting things moving.
I joined AdultFriendFinder because I heard it was THE place to be. No true actually, I joined on an impulse and got hooked on the idea of being able to cut out some of the crap that goes with being a sexual adventurer. I like the company of women, I'm more at home chatting with women than I am with men. Mostly blokes have only one topic of conversation. For some it's golf, for most it's football. Exceptionally you can talk politics, but that's it.
Women on the other hand will talk about anything. I am so impressed by the way that women can discuss sex between themselves. When was the last time that a male friend of yours told you about the intensity of the orgasm he experienced with a new partner, or that he had discovered a new trick that gave his partner an extra buzz?
Anyway - back to the original subject. I'm impatient.
I've been a member for a week. I've emailed lots of ladies whose profiles suggest that I may be what they are looking for. I've even had some IM chat with a couple of them. Plus an exchange of emails with a couple who say they are up for a threesome. I'm always a touch wary of people who insist on my supplying a picture when they don't have one on their profile.

So - if anyone's reading this.

Am I too impatient? Or am I going wrong somewhere?
Am I maybe infringing some area of AdultFriendFinder etiquette?

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