Extra Ordinary  

rm_thewaywewere 42F
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8/24/2006 11:47 pm
Extra Ordinary

There is an amazing scene from A Beautiful Mind, i just can't get it out of my mind when watching ppl playing on AdultFriendFinder:

John Nash, who saw the world in a way no one could have imagined, approached a blonde in the bar, it's what he said to the gal:

I find you very attractive. Your aggressive moves toward me indicate that you feel the same way. But still, ritual requires that we go through a number of platonic activities before we have sex. I'm simply proceeding with those activities. But in point of actual fact, all I really want to do is have intercourse with you as soon as possible. You're gonna slap me now.

It's so well-implied to the AdultFriendFinder scene...

Guys here are after bang, but women bit emotional animal need the time to know the guy and build the passion towards the guy. The direct communication like John could get laid and might get extra large hot coffee. Guys kinda work their ass off to crack the CODE of women here.

So, isn't it called mind-players, or game-players?? Since we are here, we are in the game, we got to participate the game and play it well or just be an audience to watch...if ur mind stuck in the middle, u will be an irritating person who irritated others and urself...

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