Ball or balls,  

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8/15/2006 1:53 am

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Ball or balls,

no time need investigation:

****He has gf, yet he is looking for affairs, no intention for a break-up, as said, he is still in LOVE (such worn-out word) with his gf. Some even said that he had some hard time with his gf, so, want some phsysical fun outside the relationship. Of course, most of them don't have balls to tell their gf that they are trying to sleep around. In this point, the marital status should sleceted as ATTACHED, but he has another ball to consider himself as SINGLE. What the heck!!

****When the marital status is put 'prefer not to say', ow...apparently, 99.9% he is married, admire his balls to winding around, but where are his balls gone to tell ppl the TRUTH - i have a lovely wife at home wait for me, but i can still fool around behind her...

****Separated!!! yes, right ur beloved wife is far in another planet, too far to reach and screw you, so u've got so good reason to dicking around without feeling guilty...where is the ball, Bizarre!!!

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