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9/8/2006 10:31 pm

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Awareness is the state of having understanding or knowledge in breif.

The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.

To see, to hear, means nothing. To recognize (or not to recognize) means everything. Between what I do recognize and what I do not recognize there stands myself. And what I do not recognize I shall continue not to recognize.

The man who is aware of himself is henceforward independent; and he is never bored, and life is only too short, and he is steeped through and through with a profound yet temperate happiness.

To be happy is to be able to become aware of oneself without fright.

Self-awareness is the understanding that one exists and it includes the concept that one exists as an individual, separate from other people, with private thoughts.

I am not married kinda material and i hold the being-single-in-my-life-time thought since teenager. Maybe the right person hasn't appeared in my life , maybe there is just no right person for me in my life. Do i need anyone to complete me? I have a life, why do i need a hubby?

As human beings, we all need love and the need of being love, but Where is love?

I think the whole worlds addicted to the drama, we only attracted to the things that bring us trauma. By asking ourself is the loving really strong? By asking myself really what is going wrong with this world that we living in?

People keep on giving in and making wrong decisions, only visions of them living and no respecting each other. The wars are going on but the reasons' undercover and the truth is kept secret and dirt under the rug.

If you never know truth, then you never know love. Selfishness got us followin the wrong direction, lack of understanding leads us away from unity, and wrong information and negative images is the main criteria infecting our minds faster than bacteria. Whatever happened to the values of humanity, whatever happened to the fairness and equality, instead of spreading love, we're spreading anomosity

Where is love? it seems in everywhere but it is nowhere. We lost the true meaningful love...

rm_michaelmetal 43M
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9/8/2006 11:53 pm

love is out their and i bet it is great. i think that you have to
be friends as well as lovers. if you have nothing in common. you
will out grow one another unless the couple are willing to try
new things. and try new things together for the first time learning and growing together. i myself give up for now. i'm just looking for fun. but if the right girl crossed my path. i'd give her all of me.
keep your chin up sweetie. god has a plan for everybody...

rm_thewaywewere 42F
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9/9/2006 12:19 am

I may sounds cynical about love. The word of LOVE is so easy to slip out of ppl's mouth, but they are so lack of responsibilities for LOVE itself. I am very mean to say the word of LOVE.

The cheating hubbies, bfs, wives, gf, where is the REAL LOVE in their relationship or whatsocalled open-relationship? Upon self-awarenss, I would rather live a single happy life style than drag me into such cheating and being cheated situation...

SassyTuna3 38F

9/9/2006 12:34 am

The man who is aware of himself is henceforward independent; and he is never bored, and life is only too short, and he is steeped through and through with a profound yet temperate happiness.

Definitly...but The Man can be The woman as Well......
Although i understand ur ( and agree with ur ) view..better single and happy then......i guess ( guess coz i don't really know U ) U became too cynical coz of bad experience (?) is also in urself..not only waiting to receive..take..but also being generous..give

rm_michaelmetal 43M
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9/9/2006 12:40 am

well i have never been in love but i also never cheated on anyone
so some people have deep respect for there partners fellings
just hard to find people like that...

rm_thewaywewere 42F
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9/9/2006 1:56 am

Sassy, yes, dear, men in that line is refered to all of us male and female.

I know i am quite cynical about LOVE but it's not from any bad experiences, none of ex cheated on me, and likewise. I don't have problems to give, but i have limited, i don't give myself to the other party, because i am an independent individual. Again, I am absofuckinglutely not a taker and i don't want recieve more than whati can give. And, i walked out from several relationship when becoming serious quite a while ago when i didn't assure that i could commit the relationship.

When my bilogical clock is ticking, i become more wiser and sober to handle my life and i become more hard eomtionally attached to someone. Well, probably, i have to admit that i would rather devote myself on my career that i can see the acheivements by my hardworking than face a failure in a relationship and bleeding after i devote my heart and soul...and till now i quite enjoy the way i lead my life without compromise to the other

hi dear, what's ur story? in a relastion??
I was thinking to write some blogs about the things happened involved u and me laterly...because sort flirting conversation, made me turn to be a lesbian, hahhaha...which doesn't bother me at all...and i think those gits just a joke...

rm_thewaywewere 42F
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9/9/2006 2:03 am

Michael, yes, it's indeed damn hard, also though u found, it's not easy to keep the heat and the mutural admiration all the time...So, personaly, i drop the thought 'there is the right one somewhere waiting for you', if he was in the South pole, should i catch a plane to meet him living with pengiuns happily ever after...hehehe

happyladychat 49F
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9/9/2006 7:11 am

Hey Dear, thanks for dropping over my blog and appreciate your nice words.

BTW, good post. You have expressed the thoughts of a new-aged woman very well.

At one stage, I'm like you, holding the thought of being-single-in-my-life-time. However, when the time comes, I was suddenly like honey attracting all the bees. And eventually before long, I ended up married, and shortly after that I ended up being a mum of 2 kids. I never planned anything... it just happened. *shrug*

So... what is love? You'll never know until it strikes. Meanwhile, enjoy your carefree singlehood while it lasts.

Make it your challenge.... turn me ON!!

rm_thewaywewere 42F
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9/9/2006 8:50 pm

hi HLC, i am not longing for a serious relationship, but if it comes, i will try not hold back and embrace him and grow the relationship together...

Two kids, how lucky and happy you are!!! For me, i can hardly imagine that i will give birth, but the door is open, i will go with flow for this case...hehehe...

SassyTuna3 38F

9/11/2006 2:57 pm

Asking about my experiences ..i think my path is kinda simular then ur's.....i don't like to be committed ..yet.
I like the life i'm living now..i live in a great city..never a dull moment..i like my books and gal network..clubbing during the weekend and the hot sex which comes with it.
What i don't like r men who r inmature..who see a women as part of their career..ignoring her independancy..her ability to perform and..when it comes to kids ....think that mom takes care of their them and the household no matter what she does besides that !

The men who think differently r rare..i'm aware of that..but i prefer to meet one of them first..

Going out tonite to meet a gf i didn't see for awhile...nobody knows how the eve will end...i like that..yessssssssss

rm_thewaywewere 42F
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9/12/2006 1:05 am

hi dear, thanks for coming back...and i am happy for ya...enjoy ur freedom...

laowai028 68M
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9/13/2006 7:05 pm

Interesting conversation among the women, I think we men can learn a lot from it. Carry on!

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