rm_thepres96 55M
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3/16/2006 11:19 am

OK this is just to wild..
Stopped in at a friends house and brought a DVD for the tikes... ages 1,3,5,9... she is real busy...
Anyway, I brought Harry Potter over for the tikes... she looked at it and said "What is this?"
I responded, "Harry Potter"
She gave me that look like I was insane or from outter space... I started to explain who Harry Potter was when she said, "I don't let my kids watch that."
Curious I asked, "Why's that?"
She blurted, "I don't believe in what it teaches. It teaches witchcraft and sorcery. I don't want my kids around that and we don't believe in that. But thanks for thinking of us anyway."
I let it drop...
But really folks... Fiction movies teach things... you mean like bugs bunny teaches hunting and road runner teaches violence....
Stop the insanity... it is fantasy... but then again I do live in the country where folks are strange... like when she let her kid at age 7 go outside with a BB gun un-supervised and shoot the neighbors dog. She explained it like umm you know the dog shouldn't have been in her yard and he was just being a boy.... OK get real people. Teach your kids about right and wrong and responsibility and quit worrying about what they might learn from a fiction movie with witchcraft and sorcery. They might put a spell on the neighbors dog that might turn it into a toad or really hurt it waving a stick in the air yelling, Alla Ka Zam.....

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