Back in Chanute  

rm_thepres96 55M
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5/1/2006 10:24 pm
Back in Chanute

Well I am back in chanute\
What did I do?
Went Back to the Rondazoo And said Hi to D
I hate lap top comps
Been hangin at a place called golden knights.
Interesting place, lots of pool tables.... and nice looking ladies.
Bartender there that is way to cute is named nice gal...
Another fun chick that tends bar there is Bren...
She sings some great Kari.....
This town is so hoppin.
Met a gal last week at the Ronda zoo that was quite the trip/ tried to catch up with her this week but it just didn't work out , yet:\
Well if I had a real key board I owuld try and write more ut this thing sucks so talk at you alll layter

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