A New Beginnning  

rm_thepres96 55M
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3/6/2006 9:25 am
A New Beginnning

So my last long term relationship is over... I mean the last EXTRA long term relationship.
She has moved away to Arizona to enjoy the sun and warmth.
She was so loving and beautiful.
I am going to miss her,
miss sitting with her,
miss going to the lake and hanging out,
miss going out with her to the bars,
miss going with her to friends houses,
miss hot tubbing with her and friends,
miss the new and exciting sexual things we tried together and with others,
I am going to miss her.

It is time to start over. I have always been lucky at finding someone willing to have a relationship, with someone that brings so much baggage along. Not every woman can handle a guy that has to leave early or not make an appointment because of a kids sports event or other family issues.
There seems to be many women out there looking for the same thing I am, though.
Someone to get together with without the other issues: money, bills, housework, kids issues; All that you have to work out together before you can relax. I mean work out with each other before you can relax and enjoy each others company.
You sit down with your spouse for a relaxing evening and they ask if you remembered to talk to the kid about what happened at the neighbors house last night.
No I didn't, I thought you did,
No you were going to,
Ok I'll take care of it,
Don't forget to remind him to take out he trash, and don't be to hard on him.
So much for that relaxing evening...

So you spend time looking for someone to relax with and enjoy. You are rewarded richly when you find that someone that wants to relax with you... without worrying about the house payment, taxes, etc.
Soemone to spend time lounging by the pool with, sipping wine while chatting about who sang that song playing on the radio.
Someone to take a walk with and chat...
Someone that wants to take you over the edge sexualy and wants you to send them into that sexual frenzy that errupts with an orgasm that leaves both of you exhausted as you collapse in each others arms. Ah Relaxation....

Yes, that is what I am going to miss. The relaxation....

I know there is another partner out there waiting to find that person that can provide the type of relaxation that leaves you refreshed. Someone that makes you ready to take on all of lifes issues. Makes you foget all about life while you are with them.

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