rm_thatockidd 34M
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6/11/2006 6:58 pm

alot of guys' dying wish is to have a 3some. well i am taking it to the maximum limit...yes...i am hosting a SEX PARTY. whats good is having a place to yourself if your not going to use it properly. i have always wanted to be apart of one...but never got the oppertunity until now. i have thrown the idea around North Alabama for a while, and noticing just how HARD it is it just wasnt well recieved...(wack ass huntsville again). But now there is a little bit of a difference..this time i have a female co-conspirator and we are both doing alot of individual leg work, so it will go down whether we have 8 women or 1(she is just freaky like that) i will have the rules for the party(yes there must be rules) for people that are interested...female male or this is Huntsville Alabama's LAST CHANCE to get something serious done...hit me up for details

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