you're your english teacher's nightmare  

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11/3/2005 2:36 am

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you're your english teacher's nightmare

ok, i know this is totally bitchy but this drives me *mental* "why do people fucking SLOW DOWN when they near the exit when trying to leave a packed stadium?" mental. only worse. worse because not everyone knows the law of fluid flow about doubling your velocity if you halve the aperture (in this case, doorway, but it applies equally well to merging traffic...) to maintain the same flow rate, but everyone *knows* how to say "you are". i mean, i don't know when to use a semi-colon as opposed to a comma. so i just *don't* use a semi-colon...ever. i wholeheartedly confess my ignorance (and if someone can explain it to me, i'll be semi-coloning left right and centre). so no offense to anyone who has no idea when to use "your" and when to use "you're" (and for those who know but are just too lazy to put the extra letter and the apostrophe..... i mean, COME's a fucking apostrophe and one letter!!). it's an exceedingly simple rule. the apostrophe implies something has been saving the time of saying (writing) "you are" and just saying "you're" instead. as opposed to "your", which simply means it belongs to you. so if whatever you're (you are) about to type could just as well be written "you are", it's YOU'RE. if you're (you are) talking about something they own.....YOUR.

YOU'RE a stellar root.
YOUR blog is a steaming pile of crap.
YOU'RE an arsehole, but YOUR vindaloo is amazing.

*ahhhhh*....dang it feels good to vent. now, the next time you're trying to leave some fricking awful packed event and the closer you get to the exit, the more like a motionless crap-fest it becomes....start walking as fast as you can and also scream loudly "WALK FASTER YOU MORONS". if everyone started yelling this to the people in front of them, and those in front of them etc. etc. AND they DID would all get home much quicker. i would *love* to see this happen some day. i mean, we can all (well, mostly) manage a pace for a short while that's at least, say, twice as fast as our usual amble can't we?

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