We have no bananas today!  

rm_th3m0nk3y80y 45M
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3/27/2006 1:48 pm
We have no bananas today!

I am feeling like Homer Simpson at the moment in the episode containing the phrase eponymous to this title. In the canteen, M&S, EVERYWHERE - no bananas! Have Geest gone on strike?

I had to lower myself to grapes and dried apricots - the very indignity!

The banana kick is the start of my rejuvination which is going reasonably to plan at the moment. Drank my water, avoided the coffee but didn't quite steer clear of the carbs. I have a motorcycle track day coming up and I want to work on the variable power to weight ratio (i.e. me) so that I can get round the track a little quicker.

I need to find a banana substitute, and being a simian it could prove difficult...

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