Back once again...  

rm_th3m0nk3y80y 45M
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4/27/2006 4:07 pm
Back once again... the renegade master, the default damager the ILL behAved!!

Jesus, time can fly when you have you head up your arse and your dick where the sun don't shine...

I have just been inspired by a post about movies - I LUUUURVE movies/films/flicks call them what you will.

To quote the Spice Girls "If you wanna get with me..." you'd better like movies. I have been watching the Mafia series on Channel 4 recently and "The Real Goodfellas" was ace, I am an avid Sopranos viewer and love all modern mob movies.

However I have been very disappointed recently with the quality of films coming out. It seems since we have stopped the serial epic releases every Christmas other films seem to not have materialised or failed to impress.

The last film I saw that made me laugh my cock off was "50 First Dates" but we are now talking "some" years ago.

So come on Hollywood, get your act together and bring me some epics, laugh-a-minute hoots and good action films. I look at IMDB every now and again to see what is coming up, but despite your gazillions of dollars, this is one guy that is repeatedly waiting for something to come to DVD and impress - cos I ain't paying cinema prices for that shite.

"9 songs" by the way is a worthwhile "art" film. Interesting that the hardcore sex scenes made general release in the Uk.... (I always have to bringit down to THAT level don't I?!?)


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