25th June 2004  

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25th June 2004

Subterranean darkness
A new bar
Two friendly proprieters - are they related?
A viscious defeat

Barcardi and cola (DO IT!)

Feeling young, reckless again
The alcohol induced feeling of freedom
The illusion that things don't matter
That I am indestructible

I am Napolean, a large country is at my small feet
Big cock mentality
Nothing I can't do

(Hate myself for it)

Meeting new people
Making friends and influencing people
The beautiful curly brunette that I have beguiled
The brutal honesty kicking in like autopilot
The frustration that we both want it but I am going

Walking home in Morristown
Falling on my face
Not feeling it
Waking up with a hole in my wallet
A hole in my head
And none the wiser

I can't still be drunk at 9!
I guess I surely can!

The obligatory Mr. Wraps
Coffee and driving
A nice waitress that completes my story for me
The shame of an unpaid bill

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