V-day...will you be mine?  

rm_tennismaiden 61F
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2/8/2006 8:18 pm

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V-day...will you be mine?

So here it is.... Lovers day February 14 Everyone in Blogland is complaining and vowing not to celebrate this day made for Hallmark purposes, a marketing ploy I'm sure!

And yes it would seem Tennismaiden does not have any offers....some will be out of town, others work or travel on Tuesday nights and I've not got anyone permanent in my life to rely on to address this day dedicated to "lovers".

I was that stupid romantic Piscean woman who planned her wedding around this (February) time of the year and wouldn't you guess, it snowed like crazy the day of my wedding in 1980. Isn't it some sort of good luck to have bad weather the day of your wedding? Geez....we know how that turned out! So forget that wives tale it's bologna.

I am an incurable hopeless romantic still believing that someday her "prince" will come. Sure Paris would be great, a weekend in the Bahamas or night on the town in New York...Heck I'm so easy to please ANYTHING would be delightful.

I've heard stories from men that planned nights of romance, dinner, dancing, flowers, bubble baths, rose petals scattered towards the boudoir all leading to an evening of sensuous passion and lust. Am I missing something here?

So I ask....if I were your lusty Goddess of unbridled passion how would you show your adoration and make me bust with desire on this Valentines day? Remember...Tennismaiden is unique and requires special attention from her guy. Are you up to the "challenge"?

If your proposal is really terrific I might contact you and ya never know....I might be yours!

hooks1952 65M

2/9/2006 12:12 am

A day in Disney World and Epcot trying to learn how to be a kid again. Then it's off to the Florida Key's for the rest of the week.



__Huntress__ 56M/59F

2/9/2006 2:53 am

From one Pisces woman to another ... {and you and I both know there's nothing like a Pisces woman} ... my son was conceived on Valentine's Day and I swear {though he would be very upset for the telling} ... he has the cutest heart-shaped nostrils ... !

Thanks for dropping by my blog ... and I would love to accept your invitation ... and extend one as well ...


HeardLankaMalls 56M
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2/9/2006 4:18 am

Hmmm...making someone happy and the center of attention...cool

The standby's are always a good way to start; dozen or so roses (red of course, unless you had a different/preferred favorite color); and some sweets for the sweet (corny, I know, but it is romance ). I prefer dark chocolate, but it would be your day, so your preference, again. This would all be the prelude to the evening/dinner. Either dining out, or dining in.

Dinner out would start with a nice drink (cosmo TM?) or two, then dinner and conversation at a nice restaurant. Someplace where reservations had to be made in advance, with the right combination of atmosphere, ambiance and good food.

Dinner in would include a nice drink (cosmo might be tough, but I'd give it a try, or maybe a margharita?), then a special meal. Salad and Lobster? Shrimp? Something I couldn't ruin, easy to prepare, yet nice and not "everyday".

Of course, both would be accompanied by a nice wine (or other beverage of your choice), and followed by desert and after-dinner drinks.

I'll leave the rest to your very able imagination

Hugs and best wishes

MyRealLoverOne 47M

2/9/2006 8:50 am

You would first receive two dozen beautiful yellow roses delivered to you during the day. The note would read: My Beautiful Maiden, My heart is racing at the thoughts of drinking you in this evening. Thank you for being my special Valentine! Real Lover~

You would receive a second love package. Inside you find lingerie and a bottle of my favorite perfume. The note reads: I can’t wait to have you! RL~

You will accompany me to dinner were we will sip wine and gaze into each others eyes. My wanton look will be speaking volumes. After dinner we will go dancing. I will enjoy being close to you, holding you, caressing you, smelling you, kissing your neck, whispering in your ear the pleasures that will await you. No one else will exist for me as I delight in you.

We will retire to our penthouse suite were I will run a nice bubble bath. I will slowly undress you as you enjoy my teasing touch. I will lead you into a candle lit master bath filled with bubbles. We will play and explore one another. I will bath every part of your luscious body. We will step out of our bath and I will dry you off very slowly and sensuously. Enjoying every stroke. I will scoop you into my arms and carry you to the bed and gently lay you down. I will massage and explore every part of you body with my hands, lips and tongue.

I have enough energy and passion to last through out the night. I think you can envision what happens from there.

Your Real Lover

rm_Keystone3812 66M
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2/9/2006 9:05 am

Every year, I make something in my woodworking shop for my "sweethearts" ( three daughters and spouse). Always something with a heart inlaid into it somewhere! I'd enjoy sharing my talents with you! I'm pretty good with my hands............. and my lips... and my............. well, you get the drift.

caressmewell 55F

2/9/2006 2:17 pm

Wanna drink some beer and throw darts at a heart shaped dart board? Just kidding...at least we would not be alone

roger_the_hound 59M

2/9/2006 6:15 pm

If you were my Valentine, dear,
You'd beg to be pierced by my spear
I'd wield with precision
And I can envision
Your moans as I thrust in high gear.

...well, this wasn't exactly rose pedals and bubble baths, but it cut to the chase in a Limerical way.

I was even shorter on romance in my blog entry for yesterday:
[post 229619]

Ars longa, vita brevis.

rm_4yousexyeyes 107F
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2/9/2006 8:54 pm

If all else fails I am up for darts as well. Another Pisces woman here.... I am starting to wonder if it in the stars or something?

kryztoph908 60M

2/10/2006 6:07 am

TM Dahling,

If we're one short for our Tuesday night doubles game, can you fill in? I'll be your partner, don't worry, I'm EASY! That's how I'll be spending MY Valentines night.

Much to Baby-Wabbitz chagrin But she's not one for midweek festivities.

I'll book you a room here in the Highlands, we'll have time for a bubble-bath jacuzzi, chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne!

rm_Keystone3812 66M
583 posts
2/10/2006 10:56 am

I put love into everything I make for them, and they know it. Each piece is signed and dated.

kryztoph908 60M

2/10/2006 2:50 pm

Three-five, perfect! As am I. Promise to take it easy on the "old guys" ... they don't cover the court like they used to. But hit it at 'em and you'll have some very long and enjoyable rallies.

(HMMM I could probably work this into some sort of sexual innuendo but that not being my intention I'll leave it "pure tennis")

Baby-Wabbits welcomes me home, "Did you win?"

"Yea, 6-2, 6-4"

"Oh, so did you beat the EIGHTY year old guys tonight, or the NINETEY year olds???"

(They are a YOUTHFUL Seventy I'll have you know!)

But in Baby-Wabbits mind I'm out there wailing overheads at my Grandmother!

Must be something in those pellets we picked up for her at Wall-Mart ...

Heartnsoul768 54M  
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2/11/2006 2:38 am

TM .... As my invitation... I turn over all of my credit cards ... I'm sure they all aren't maxed out.
Have a Happy VD

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