Splinter in my finger  

rm_tennismaiden 61F
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11/20/2005 6:22 pm

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Splinter in my finger

How the ensuing holidays quickly become like the little annoying splinter in my finger. It's just there, not asking to be fixed just acknowledged and maybe with magic to dissapear.

I've begun the process of searching for my lover,(who knows maybe I've found him) but still again like that pricky little splinter, annoying and unsettling. If both the holidays and my unknown lover could be fast forwarded through the anxiety to the future of being behind me yet known,I would have a different state of mind this minute.

That damn pin prick, a single layer under my skin constantly allerting me to the miniscule vulnerabilites of my life. Typing....ouch.....damn this thing....can be the simple yet.....ouch...reminder that life hurts.

Little wooden splinter, you represent the constant questions I seek, never disolving without guidance but always just...there.

Today I was ridiculed, my wrists slapped by a random member who wrote to my inbox, he accused me of being shallow for not accepting a man loosing his hair. He then blocked me from sending him a response....What right did he have to judge me for what I see as attractive without hearing why I prefer haired men?

Does anyone use the brain they were given or do red lights go off and say "FIRE" towards that girl? Must I give my explanation any more than a man that prefers a woman with big breasts, small frame or blond hair? I cannot get past my father being bald...it's freudian..I know it's quirky...but it is my choice and my issue. How many times must I apologize to anyone for being me?

This time of year is always my little splinter, seasons to be jolly? Alone for the holidays? Cooking for crowds of boys on Thanksgiving while football is blaring and my feet are screaming ouch. Oh little splinter you seem frivilous compared to the looming onset of stuffing the bird and HO HO Ho....

In the end...I'm just a girl that wishes Santa would take the splinter out, look down upon me, and fill my wish....

rm_apleaser55 62M

11/20/2005 10:00 pm

Hmmm, I wouldn't apologize or feel guilty. I'm surprised he
would get that sensitive about loosing his hair. I've lost much
of my hair and, yes, when it first happened, it was uncomfortable, but after 15-20 years of it, I would think a man views it totally differently. I wonder
why he hasn't? In fact, after a while, I can't even image myself
with hair, and like myself pretty well.
So, once again, it's his problem, not yours.

Sometimes, the hair thing with men reminds me of the breast thing with woman. Both "problems" (not) have quite a large contingency
of medical practictioners who profit from people's insecurities on
these issues. Get my drift? When so many people have so much to gain financially from things so relatively inconsequencial, I really
wonder about the motivation behind it all....

vito999923 43M
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11/21/2005 12:49 pm

ciao sei bellissima

TopFisher 64M

11/21/2005 1:18 pm

Oh gee happy holidays! Baaugh Humbug!

Best part about this time of year is College football! These kids get real good and are all a ton of fun to watch them play. Many of them the last time in their life they will put on a uniform.

Someone once said 'there is a fool born every minute', they were right, and every other minute there is an ass born. We are bound to run into both every now and then.

Don't let them get you down.

kryztoph908 60M

11/21/2005 4:24 pm

Yesterday we saw "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" and if you need a little holiday lift, I heartily recommend it.

If you are into WORDS (and clever musical lyrics) this play will definitely do it for you.

And if you play your cards right you will EVEN be selected to be part of the CAST! Get there 15 minutes beforehand, they queue up and select 4 from the audience to be onstage, participants int "the Bee".

So "bone up" on your "bane" ... as your 15 minutes of fame awaits!

Off to my doubles game.


Hoursofhardcock 68M
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11/21/2005 10:28 pm

Dear Tennismaiden,
My hair receided on my forehead years ago and I completely respect & adore your opinions. I hope you find the man with the hair,color and style you really like!
I hope you take this to heart,please don't ever apologize for being you. Your intelligence,common sense,emotions and body are all obviously beautiful.
The comments you have been receiving are from men who are insecure in themselves (Here I go pissing them off again,Like I Give A Shit!)and are making a rude,crude attempt to demean you. You like what you like and anyone elses opinion shouldn't matter,continue to be you!

Now to thankyou again for your comments on my last BLOG and yes I do have a few suggestions for you to squirt again.
You are correct about the many senses being involved and the most important inside yourself is your thoughts,we'll come back to this in a minute.
I should be talking to your partner as well because if he understands and really listens to what you want & like then he should learn stimulation techniques that will assure you of ejaculating.This comes from very deep intimate conversation of you telling him exactly what you want and how you want it.In knowing these things he should be creative and come up with some very erotic foreplay made just for you.He should derive deep pleasure just from seeing you so pleased.In other words his thoughts and actions should be of pleasing you first and take the time to do it.
Lets get back to your thoughts!
You should be concentrating on all the wonderful sensations you are feeling throughout your entire body as well as any fantasies you have that really turn you on.
This is one of those areas that really takes personal conversation for me to explain in detail but I hope I have given you something to work with.
One more comment. Make sure your partner can emotionally handle knowing what really turns you on inside your mind. If not,rely on your fantasies,thoughts and sensations during lovemaking. If he can't handle it,find a new partner because you aren't right for each other.
Good Luck and many Happy Squirting Orgasms to you.

Hoursofhardcock 68M
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11/23/2005 9:39 am

I don't like those cumbersome splinters. If I were there with you I would remove it for you. I would take you gently by the hand,cleanse it thouroughly with tenderness,kindness,understanding and compassion so it could reach the point where we could work on removing it.I would then massage those feet the same way so they would feel better too. Then kiss from the top of your head down to your pinky toes not missing anything in between. We would create or own holiday fun.While the boys enjoy their Football we would be elsewhere cheerleading,scoring and making Touchdowns of our own!
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

rm_anacortes 75M
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11/26/2005 12:55 pm

Oh my!!

I am going to have to start over.. I feel like I came into the middle of STARWARS...

I need some time to think.. to feel.

Hope some affers will also read MY profile..


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