Send Me You  

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12/1/2005 10:40 am

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Send Me You

Loves silence drifting through sapphire skies
Speak to me without a word
Set sail a whisper on salty tear seas
To ease the pain distance has stirred

Send me your wisdom cast in a cloud
To hover and watch over me
Gift wrap your beauty on seahorses tails
To flip in the air so I see

Fly me a song over the miles
Sung with a gulls harmony
Hypnotize dolphins to play on the waves
Performing our dance gracefully

Send me your smile on a mast of a ship
To greet me as it’s gliding near
Add to it love in the horn that it blows
To ring out true love in my ear

Fly me your heart to comfort my soul
On man made wings in the sky
Surrounded with you and all that you are
To end all the tears that I cry

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