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12/25/2005 3:10 am

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About Tekky 2006...

Well here is some more information about me in general before anyone gets to know me better.

Some other things about me that you probably didn't know...

My star sign is Aquarius.
I am stubborn and loyal
Headstrong and have a lot of wisdom through my words
Patience sometimes is not my virture but when I am made to wait... I can tolerate
Sometimes determined to get things done right
Always neutral in some discussions but act like a diplomat to sort friendships or relationships out for the best of both sides of the argument
Kind and generous man
Optimist and sometimes a Realist when it comes to certain situations
I do have the thurst for seeking more knowledge (whether its general or fantasy or other things)
Martial Arts trainer - Karate (Sikaran - Filipino Martial Arts)

Information Technology (a lot to do with Computers) - I enjoy and love my career field
I enjoy University studying on my IT course (sometimes I get frustrated with it... that's another story)
I am a huge Star Wars fanatic, having a huge interest on it
I enjoy writing Star Wars fanfiction
Science Fiction movies I enjoy watching. This incudes like, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Farscape, StarGate SG-1 and more...
Enjoy watching Action, Thriller, Comedy, Classical, Romance, Adventure, Manga and True Story movies
I have an interest on doing Astronomy and Astrology. (Wouldn't mind exploring space one day)
Reading novels or books that can be Science Fiction or Fiction.
Favourite authors are Tom Clancy and Timothy Zahn
I enjoy reading historical events. Seems like that the World War topics are my kind of thing to reflect on those brave soliders who died for our honour and so forth.
Artwork I do find enjoyable - I used to enjoy drawing but still do in my spare time
Enjoy socialising with people at beaches, clubs and a night out in the city
Resuming my Martial Arts training after University studies to keep fit

Honest and trustworthy friends or companions
Have a pet - a dog in the house to guard and protect me
A nice standard house for me to settle in to start off with my life
Study and finish my University studies with a Masters degree in IT for now (but its optional at the moment)
Have a nice IT job that I enjoy
Get married with the right woman in my life and have a nice family

I dislike woman who are dishonest, mischievious or liars (if you are them - don't even think about it!)
One thing I can't really tolerate is "Arrogant people" who have big alter egos (Some people that I know take it too far)
Compulsive liars (So if you always continue to lie, you would not get yourself anywhere with me)
One major thing I will NOT tolerate is "Human and Animal Cruelty"
Never liked being dominated by other friends without any respect in return (If you are them... forget about pushing me around. I won't tolerate that anymore)
BIGGEST DISLIKE OF ALL: People gossiping about me in general in a bad way. I dislike that alot and treat that as an insult...
I think this should cover it for now...

redmustang91 58M  
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12/25/2005 5:30 am

You have misused the term "alter ego". Just say you dislike people with big egos. an alter ego is a substitute persona, like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde is the alter ego of Dr. Jekyl. My xmas gift to you is helping you. Happy holidays.

sharmark_yare 32F
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12/26/2005 2:13 am

haye there, im new to this net dating but as i was going through your blog and readin and trying to understand..... no doubt but we have alot of things in bonus... thats all i can say at the moment

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