A story...  

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2/16/2006 5:19 pm

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A story...

I was bored...plus it's been forever since I posted to this.

Ever get in that mood where you wanted to just have crazy awesome sex with a total stranger? Yeah, I've been that way for a couple days now. The worst part is at work: I can't keep my mind from hopping off into little sexual forays with every female customer or sexual age that I come across.

So anyway: Instead of cranking one out myself, and making a mess of my bathroom...I cranked out a quick story. Hope you like it...and as always, if there are any women who want to join me on my next camping trip...I'll let you write the ending.

I was camping in the woods last summer...and after 3 days of wearing the same clothes and sitting around a campfire i was pretty ripe. I went down to the lake and found a shady cove. I stripped naked and stepped in. The warm lake water felt good around my ankles and knees but it seemed to grow colder as I swam farther in. I used the shampoo I'd brought, and rinsed my hair. By now i was out pretty far, and the water was no where near as warm as it was in the shallows, so I headed in towards shore.

I got back to shore and turned over onto my back. I was backstroking onto the sand when I found a nice hot spring feeding the lake. The warm water and bright sun was the perfect spot to relax. Without realizing it I fell asleep. I woke up, a little confused at where i was and why my hands were so pruned. I'd been sleeping in the water for the better part of an hour.

I turned to the shore, expecting to find my clothes on the sand where I had left them. Instead I saw empty shore; empty except for a set of footprints leading to the beachhouse. Some ass had stolen my stuff!! I swam around the point towards the dock, mad as hell. When I got there, I was not prepared for what I saw.

You were there...tanning in a lounge chair on the dock. I was immediately embarrased by my nudity and tried to keep swimming like nothing was going on. As I passed, you said, "Catch any fish?" I wasnt sure what you meant, since I didnt have a pole or tackle box. Hell, I was naked in the lake! "What do you mean?" I said.

"Well, with that worm in the water for so long I figured you'd catch something." You said. I grinned as I realized it was you that took my clothing. I swam to the dock and climbed up, not caring that I was naked. "Give me my stuff back! I don't even know you!" I said. You just looked at me with those deep eyes and sighed. "Fine, Its all there in the beach house." I looked over at the old lighthouse shack, 100 yards across the sand. "Thank you," I said...finally realizing I was stark naked on the dock. You offered me your towel and I covered myself. "Here, I'll come with you to get your clothes," you said. We walked across the beach to the shack, the whole time some sort of naughty twinkle in your eyes. I figured it was just the water reflecting the sun.

You opened the door and pointed at the pile of clothes, freshly washed, and no longer reeking of campfire smoke. You'd washed them for me! "Wow, thanks, lady, I thought you were playing some trick on me...Sorry I yelled at you."

"No worries," you said as I picked up the clothes. I could smell vanilla in the air, a strange scent in a way; out of place in an old beach shack. As I turned to go, I noticed some other odd things in the shack. Candles were lit, giving the whole place a surreal flicker, as well as improving the odor from that of old fish, into the vanilla smell I'd first noticed.

A pair of handcuffs lay on the mattress of a twin bed, itself supported by a old metal frame; a blind-man's mask next to it. It was just before you locked the door to the shack that I saw the Vaseline. As the deadbolt clicked shut, and that grin came across your face, I realized I probably wouldnt be putting on those clean clothes for quite some time.

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2/17/2006 8:26 am

Neat story!!!

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