Same Baggage Different Day?  

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7/31/2006 7:53 pm

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7/31/2006 7:55 pm

Same Baggage Different Day?

Whudda thunkit?

Or.. I guess I really am naive!

There's at least as much, if not more, baggage on this site than anywhere else out there. Sigh.

Pretty tired of hearing from men. Got a wink today from an AMAZING looking woman who, alas, lives in Florida. Only 3000 miles so who knows?

Was it a mistake to admit that I *might* explore the bi thing? Can't say. My goal for this ride was to let everything hang out there warts and all to see if there was some magic that might sweep me away. Or at least sweep me out of the mundane for a few hours!

Have I mentioned that the woman from FL was HOT? If those pics are real (and I think they are) I have GOT to plan a vacation soon. Rock hard body, amazing breasts (store-bought but who cares?) a great writer and... SHEESH!

This past weekend I got ghosted again. Exchange emails, seems to be building towards a hookup, meeting planned.... nothing.

How FUBAR is that? I'd expect it on Match or something but a sex site? What's the point? Guess some folks are just getting off on the IDEA and never actually follow through. They must have very sad or boring lives.

Anyone want to post a comment?

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