Welcome to the ramblings of a man  

rm_teacherant 43M
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4/25/2006 12:13 am
Welcome to the ramblings of a man

I suppose i am different from the rest. I know I am...

We all hope this is true, and some of us may even put in some effort to try and really BE different. It's tough though...so many people, so many possibilities.

Simple enough once you've made a connection though...and isn't that the hardest part?? --That connection...that spark...that batting of eyelashes, licking of lips, brushing back of hair and sly smile at the corner of your lips.

My blood boils and hands start to sweat when i feel that jump in my skin when a girl, almost without knowing, shoots her attention towards me.

It is good to be alive and in Hong Kong.


ps. Thanks for your attention and your comments too

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