depression my worst enemy  

rm_tatsrgood4u 41M
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4/18/2006 3:47 pm
depression my worst enemy

ok so for the last month i have been i have been so happy because my job sucks and i have made the decison to leave.this makes my limited daysthere bearable,so two weeks ago i take an interview at at another job and they really liked this job is exactly what i want to do and i know these places have ways about doing things.but today i had the wind knocked out my sails,they said they just lost their biggest account and decided that it wasnt a goodidea to hire any new people.

i had all but given my notice to my regular job they all know i hate it there and i hate them all except for a few certain people.

so now i was almost in tears today knowing i have no choice but to stay at the hell hole i work was my fault for going there and it was fault for letting people walk on me but if people were just a bit more friendly i wouldnt hate my job so much.

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