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8/9/2006 6:12 pm

I like it when our eyes met while we both gazed over the players of the room and that first stare into each other's eyes that made us both grin a little grin of a sign we really wouldn't mind.
I watched for a little while you started to fidget and kept looking over your partners shoulder quick glances just to make sure you still had my attention. Then like a third base coach you gave me the signal and let your partner know you were on the move for your romp hunt and gave him a kiss on the cheech and started out towards the patio door. I followed like a dog who knows he's in for a treat. You picked a single lounge chair out by the pool and left me all kinds of room to slide in behind you. You played and asked if I'm always so forward and I let you know I always go for what I want and giggled like a little girl and then asked if I saw anything that I might want... as I watched the bead of sweet sweat roll down the curve of you your small back and darken your black panties I said I'm not sure but I think its already gift wrapped. Oh really you proclaimed and turned rubbed your soft breasts up against my firm chest, our lips met and we started to kiss. My right hand slipped up your back and around the back of your small neck and I wrapped my fingers into your long damp hair and gentlely tugged and pulled. You bit down on my bottom lip and pulled back with a sinister laugh as your claws dug in to the center of my back. I move my left hand over your breasts and let them free from your silky black top and tweeked your firm nipples and move in for your gift box. You grabbed my hand as if to stop and then you whispered in my ear.. where's your manner's ladies always go first. As I felt your firm grib around my cock you stroked and teased it until it had to come out. You turned and got up as I watched the moon make you a sexy siloute and got on your knees and started to lick and suck and I slipped a finger under your bikini bottoms and rubbed your soft pussy we both let out a moan and the people that were in the pool started to get it on while the music and the party inside rocked on. I picked you up and laid you on your back and threw your lovely thighs over my shoulders and ate your pinkness as you tuged and pulled my hair with one hand and played with your soft breasts with the other. Here we were perfect strangers getting it on at anothers party you asked if I was ready and as you wiped off my chin and licked your finger with a sexy grin and pulled out a Trojan and said let the fun begin. I slipped it on and slipped it slowly in giving you slow short stokes to ease and tease you for just a bit. But you wanted it all with one deep thrust as you grabbed a hold of my azz and pulled me in deep and and I let it reach the back of you and you screamed out oh god yes thats it don't stop let it ride right there up on the top as twirled you around in little circles pushing through your pink veltiness you started to make a watery mess and soon after you soaked my thighs and my tension shot through the sky your man came to the patio door and asked if you were ready to go you got up and fixed yourself and left... I never got your name but I remember you just the same.

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