It all began with lunch...  

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2/12/2005 11:36 am

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It all began with lunch...

Jason called me up and asked me to lunch the other day. I was excited to go because I hadn't seen him in a while. I searched frantically for the right outfit and finally decided upon a hot pink halter top and a black mini skirt. I slipped on a pair of black strappy heels with crystals across the top edge.

I couldn't wait to meet him and hoped he liked the outfit I had picked out. He is the type of guy who likes his women dressed sexy and I always loved to do just that for him. I pulled up to the restaurant and saw his truck already parked in the lot. I hadn't seen him in over a month because he had been traveling for business nearly every waking moment.

I parked into the first spot I could find and eagerly stepped out towards the door of the restaurant, tugging at the back of my mini skirt to make sure it covered enough. As I edged through the door I spotted Jason, his bright smile shining in my direction. He reached out to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek telling me how beautiful I was. Keeping one hand on my waist he guided me to the hostess where she was ready to seat us.

We slid into a rounded booth to the back portion. The waitress came over and took our drink order and let us know what the specials were. Jason looked at me with a passionate smile and slid his hand down upon my upper thigh. No one could see with the way the table was position and the added beneift of the white tablecloth that was draped. He began to tell me how much he had missed my company while he had been away as he continued to run his hand along my thigh.

The waitress came back to take our order and Jason's hand never stopped. I was getting turned on at this point wanting to have him. As the waitress walked away he pushed his hand further between my legs and asked what color panties I was wearing for him. My thighs slid apart, allowing his fingers to graze across the satin mound. I whispered to him that I was wearing black ones and that he was beginning to make them very wet. He grinned with delight over this news.

So, he began to tell me about his trip all the while circling upon the outer edges of me underwear. I was going nuts and he knew it with every stroke. I eased my leg up over his and allowed full access to my waiting cunt. His fingers delicately brushed over and over again and then light pressure on occasion sending shivers straight through me.

The waitress returned with our food and he was delighted to see me have to control myself as she asked if there was anything else we needed. By this time my panties were soaked from the excitement. Jason asked me to start eating as he was going to as well. With every bite I took he pressed into my underwear right where my clit was growing. The food muffled my sounds as it was becoming more intense by the minute.

Suddenly, without warning, his index finger slipped under the edge of my panties and in between my lips. I was so wet that he easily moved his finger up and down hitting my clit with every stroke. I wanted to scream with delight but he knew there was no way that I would draw attention to our little charade. I wanted to cum so bad and was dying to have him make me.

He withdrew his hand, picked up a french fry from his plate, and looked as if he was going to feed me the fry. Instead, he placed his juicy finger inside my mouth and told me to suck it as he slid it out of my mouth. I don't think that anyone saw this whole spectacle. I loved the taste of my juice as he withdrew his finger and I was wanting so much more. He eased my leg off from atop of his realizing the meal was coming to an end.

Once again the waitress returned to clear our plates and bring the check. I had become so horny that I would have taken her right there on the table if I could. Jason reached into his wallet and handed her a credit card. As she walked away Jason asked for my panties. I looked at his face and saw complete delight when I said yes. As quietly and quickly as I could, I wiggled them off my butt so that they could fall down to my feet without a whole lot of fuss and attention. I raised my leg up so that I could slip it off my foot. and held it under the table as the waitress brought back the check and credit card.

Jason signed the slip and off she went back to her job never knowing what had taken place in the booth. He then took the panties from my hand and placed them between my legs once more and wiped my cunt clean with them. I wanted to moan but knew that I couldn't. I looked down and realized that he had come quite prepared as he placed the panties into a zip loc bag and then into his pocket.

He motioned me to slide out of the booth and I obliged. We walked to the door with his hand once again on my waist and me tugging at my skirt - this time knowing that I had nothing on underneath. Jason walked with me to my car and kissed me passionately. He told me he had a wonderful time and that he would give me a call later that night. I got in the car and drove off knowing that when I got home I had to finish what was started.

youngfuck040 31M

2/12/2005 2:58 pm

You finally reach home and are walking inside you are slighty disappointed he isn't already there waiting for you.You go upstairs to your room and go to switch on the lights Jason is already there waiting for you to sit next to him.He has surprised you a little and you are so happy he is here."Aren't you going to sit down?" he asks.You go and sit on the bed next to him and lie down he leans by your side and puts a hand down to lightly rub your wet pussy.He starts to slip a finger in your already soaked pussy.He knows you wanted to come so bad in the restaraunt.He brings you to a hrad wet orgasm by just pushing his two fingers in and out and lighty sucking your clit.He starts to move more on top of you .

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