wild weekend...take 2  

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2/10/2006 12:34 am

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wild weekend...take 2

…I can feel Thomas’ hard shaft stiffen as I rode him up and down, squeezing thighs tightly…. god! I’m CUMMIN!! I grasped…hmmm…..hmmm….hmmm.…ahh!!!!!!! I screamed!! With my hands rubbing my breast…I could my juice flowing out and I continued to rock him. …

just I caught a glimpse of my baby standing, looking at me and at that moment my face flushed red and I did not know how I was supposed to react. I wanted him to catch me being fucked but the feeling was both exciting and sense of guilt. I was so uninhibited. I do not how long was he standing there but the last scream was enough to stir up some thing…. He looked, walked up and gave me a passionate kiss, my hand felt his crotch and it was swollen. I smiled and turn to Thomas who was continuing to thrust me from below. He got off the bed and sat on the chair to watch. I can he see that he was excited and started feeling his cock. I decide to change a new position and went on all fours. My ass was tilted up and my pussy exposed while Thomas thrust his hard cock into my pussy. I can feel my vagina being forced open and a hot rod coming in. his thigh slap against my ass as he started to pump. GOD! I love being dogged! I was screaming my lungs out as he slaps my ass. FASTER! Fuck me FASTER! I screamed! Put that hot cock in me and fuck me harder!! I was in the mood for some rough action! He planted his knees securely and started to pump HARD!! I could feel the cock stiffen and his cock head swell and out he shot his cum with a moan. I could feel his cock head expanding and contracting as he shot his sperm into my pussy. Thanks god for condom!hahaha!! But damn…I wanted to taste his cum…fresh cum on my lips and suck his cock head red…well, the night is still young and I have another dick or two to play with later…..

I slumped on the bed like a heavy rock with my legs spread wide…I needed to air my pussy. It was burning hot!! Thomas laid next to me and his palm on my chest massaging my breast… it was great!! A good hard fuck!! I could see my baby getting all horny after watching us and was definitely ready to go for a shot pretty soon.

Out I pop from the bed to get myself all clean up while Thomas still lay on the bed exhausted…I heard some laughter when the two men chatted …hmmmm…wonder what were they talking about?? Got all cleaned up, using the towel to cover up, I head out and sat on my baby, who was delighted to have me back. I could feel his cock is still hard so I decided to tease him a little. I took it out and stroke it up and down and moved down to give him a hard deep blow…he was enjoying the moment as I moved faster and faster..sucking his dick hard. He spread his legs more to allow more room as I squeezed his balls and deep throat him. Thomas was still lying on the bed and watching me giving my baby a solid blowjob. But I decided to stop as I wanted him to get some action from Thomas American girlfriend since I already had my share of fun.

Thomas got cleaned up and poured us some wine and sat down to chat. We were getting cosy, filled with alcohol and laughing our hearts out. It was a great moment where friends sat and chat. Just then, his American girlfriend came back from shopping, he introduced her to us and whispered some sweet secret to her…I wonder what did he said as she took a look at me, smiled and nodded her head …hmmmm…. I wonder…hahaha.

I took out the lingerie that I bought to show my baby and Thomas took out his present for Paige, one that I chose for her. It was a hot number…definitely raise the temp in the room. She was pleased and I told her to put it on…actually both of us had our lingerie on and decided to tease the men a little by parading around, seducing them…hahaha. It was a good move. My baby was indeed pleased and getting all excited as he examined at Paige’s body. She has a full B cup bosom, nice and perky breast..A well-toned body and a tight ass…my baby loves tight ass!! Especially doggy style…. The mood was right so I hinted to Paige to take a bath and signaled to my babe to follow along…. She got into the bathroom first, undressed and looking at herself in the mirror. She stepped into the shower and my baby followed in. There were some laughter and lots of giggles initially and the moaning started. I stood at the door to watch my baby in action…a great turn on sometimes. I know he is enjoying it just as much as I do…

Water was flowing down their bodies as my baby was kissing her all over. Her back was leaning against his chest as she stroked my baby’s hair with one hand and the other around the back grabbing hold of my baby’s hot rod. His hand was on her breast and pussy, stroking and teasing her clit as she moan louder and louder. It was getting really steamy but I could not see much from the steam coming out from the shower. A couple of closer look and I caught her going down and squatting, stroking her clit while sucking on my baby 9 inch cock! It was a turn on!! My baby held the back of her head to push her deeper into her throat. God!! She can really suck!!…Hmmmm….i learn some new things today, I am tempted to join them and have my baby’s dick in my mouth. Well, I decided to leave them alone while I go and disturb Thomas who was in the other room catching up on some emailing on his notebook. Well, since I was his nurse before, I could help him out a little. Sexy, horny nurse in a white hot lacy lingerie, sitting on his lap…hahaha.

Just then, my baby’s action has started in the bedroom, still socking wet, they both got into bed, engaging in a 69 position. She cupped his balls while she sucked on his huge cock! Deeper and deeper. Her body was moving to the rythmn as she enjoyed my baby’s flicking tongue licking her tasty cunt. She got up and squat on top of my baby’s face while he licked and tasted her juice flowing down, she was getting all horny and hot as she started to moan louder and louder. This lady can be a screamer. Thomas and I stopped and we sat to watch them in play. He has his hand on my breast while I stroked his cock. I would go down to taste him once a while to tease him high.

Paige had enough of her pussy lick and was ready to be fucked ….she moved to squat on top of my baby hard cock. Facing him and using the wall as a support, she started to rock up and down, her exposed clit an legs spread was a turn on for my baby. His hands was on her clit, stroking it as she moved up and down. He was enjoying the ride as Paige rock him. Guess my baby got a little bit kinkier and moved her to the chair in front of the glass window. One knee resting on the chair and one standing for support, paige was ready to be driven from behind, my baby stood from behind and drive his stiff cock into her pussy. She let off a loud moan and it graduated to her screaming as he started to thrust full force. God!! I am Cumming!! I am cumming!!!Ahh!!!ahhhh!!!! She screamed so loud that Thomas and I stared and one another…..god! we could be chase out of this hotel but it was indeed a huge turn on. I wanted her for myself later, I want to taste her… I could see my baby enjoying his fuck and perhaps a tint of voyeurism. Full glass window with bed lights, he giving it hard to the girl for the whole world to see. And she was definitely enjoying and getting fucked hard as she keeps grasping for air and she came again! God! How many times can this babe come!!!! She slumped on the bed with her legs spread as my baby went on top of her, kneel down and have his hot cock shafting in just as quickly. He split her legs apart and started to pump her hard. She was screaming non-stop while my baby thrust in and out his thick shaft…. in a moment, my baby was really to shoot his cum out. He stood up and had Paige sucked him again and out came his sperm…full discharge!! It was flowing out from her lips as she smiled and grabs his butt. It was indeed a good fuck for both of them.. .…. Is my turn now??? Thomas has a hard on and I am stroking him and I got down……

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2/20/2006 7:47 am

my goodness u are a good writer
keep it up

rm_tastyKunt 51M/F

2/20/2006 9:02 am

wow! what a name...nutbuster...you hate men??heeehheee

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