wild weekend part 4  

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2/21/2006 5:04 pm

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wild weekend part 4

Hearing giggles coming from the bathroom as I entered into the bedroom…I caught both of them are enjoying some intimate moments in the tub…soaking wet and touching one another… My baby was getting his back scrubbed and his hard dick massaged. She was running thru his hair with her fingers while one hand stroking his dick…I was staring at her body…well toned, ample perky tits beautiful long body…hmmm…I was actually turned on by her ….god! I was horny that night!! Am into getting my pussy licked by her and taste some juice of hers too…

They exchanged position as Paige had her back on my baby’s chest…. he was kissing her neck while grabbing her breast and teasing his clit…there were heat arising from the tub and she closed her eyes and kiss my baby passionately…. she continue to stroke him and he fingered her in the water. Just then, he got up and sat at the edge and Paige took him in her mouth as he reached for her breast and tease her tits…

I decided to tease my baby a little and join in the suck…he smiled as I shared his hard rod with Paige…men loved to be sucked…when you have their dick in your mouth, you rule their world…and with 2 naked women sucking…hmmm…he is literally remote controlled…hahah…just then I turn to Paige and moved her lips to mine. We french kissed and I was totally turned on!! She reacted by putting her hands on my clit and teased it…. I wanted more as I spread my legs wider for her…she fingered me and I CAME!!!! God!!! She got me exactly the right spot!!! Gosh!!!! Only a woman will know how to tease another the right way and the right timing…. I grabbed her breast and started to massage her perky bosoms…. I whispered to my baby and let him know what I wanted…I told him to hang in there…. and join us in just a while for a 3somes after I get her all heated up…. I took the towel, dried up and signaled to her to join me…in bed …still dripping a little wet. I climbed into on my fours, butt tilted and pussy exposed…I was on the hunt like a tiger seeking it prey…. I laid on the king sized bed and spread my pussy wide for her as she approached…she was looked into my eyes as she approached and climbed in all fours after me, with a smile, she teased me with her tongue, she tasted my pussy. She got all the right touch and moves and I could feel I was cumin that instance, I spread my legs wider to let her know I was enjoying and want more, I brushed through her hair and pushes her deeper into my wet tasty cunt, she fingered me, circling inside me…. gently moving in and out as she licked me oh so perfectly…we moved into a 69 position and it was pussy licking frenzy!! We were all wet, grasping for air and moaning away… I screamed!!! As I spread legs more…both of us were fingering and moving our bodies…. I could feel a spasm coming…. ahh!!! God!! I came again!!!…It was totally wild!!…I have my pussy teased by men, fingered by men, licked by women and men but this was the best!!! I was really to get fucked!!!…. And there, my baby was sitting and waiting, all excited watching us getting it on and he was ready to FUCK!! And fuck 2 horny sluts!!…Hahah I was the first to get his thrust as I was on top of Paige in the 69 position, she watched as his hot cock slipped into my dripping wet cunt …I turned to my baby and signaled to him I wanted rough play. Give it to me, you bastard…hahah!!…

He grabbed hold my hips and ploughed it all the way in…. I screamed in ecstasy as I arched my back and pushed my upper body up. Paige moved up to grab and tease my hard nipples…and he rocked me HARD!!! Flesh slapping against one another, the moan got louder and louder…. he held on to my shoulder for great support and pull me in deep …his hot cock was going deeper and deeper…. I was still on all fours, this time only my hand and feet were on the bed, my knees are up and my legs are spread… as he got up on his feet. Lifted my ass up and fucked me hard…. god!! Baby!!! God!!! I cumin!!!! I cumin!!! Ahhha!!!!! AHHH!!!!! After a few hard pump, I came…It was intense…Paige had her pussy still up on my face then as I went down and continued to lick her. We traded position as she laid on her back and I squat upright, wall for support and grabbing my breast and positioned my sore pussy over her face, using her hands on my thighs, she spread my legs and licked her wild. God! Her face was wet with my juice…. and her saliva….
My baby kneels in front of her, parted her legs and licked her…. mmmmm… he got up and inserted his hard cock into her wet cunt! Ya!!! Baby!! Ya!! Fuck me hard!!! Give it to me!!! You fucking bastard!!! Fuck me!!! FUCK ME!!! He held her by her thighs as he pulled her closer…she moaned as she felt him going in all the way, with a finger teasing her clit and pumping her continuously, she let out a loud moan and grasped for air…ya!!! God!! I CAME…..fuck me!! Pumped me hard!!! He grabbed hold by her ankles and split the legs wide as he fucked her harder and faster, her body was moving up and down with each pump and she was grabbing me tightly as she reached another climax…she shivered a little as we changed position again………..

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