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2/18/2006 8:09 pm

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Thank You

I'm really gratified by all the positive responses to my blogs so far. I would, however, like to clear something up. I'm not a model of sensitivity and caring. No, I'm really a lot like most other men. I have just learned, through a lifetime of misteps and miscalculations, a few things to make my life easier when it comes to dealing with women.
So, what kind of man am I exactly? I would say that, personality-wise, I am somewhere along the lines of Red Foreman, the tv dad on That 70's Show. I've even been known to call my sons dumbasses a time or two (well, they are). And like ole' Red, I prefer to leave in peace with the fairer sex. When a wife is happy, she allows her man the personal space he so craves.
But hey, ladies, none of us are really the caring, gentle romeos you wish us to be. The best we can hope to accomplish is to convince you that we really care about more than beer, farting, and football. And, you are better than us. Because, deep down, you know how we really are, and you don't care. As long as we are putting forth our best effort, you still love us. And for that, you will always be better than we could ever hope to be. Now let me watch the game.

WildChild5884 34F

2/19/2006 7:45 am

That's usually the best kind of knowledge when you acquire it yourself, and know when as well as how to use it in the future..

Where personality is concerned from what I have seen you have a refreshing approach to life..As for the character of Red he may be blunt even offensive at times, but he usually knows what the score is That is something to be appreciated.

Women that want the perfect guy eventually they have to realize it's hypocritical to ask for something they can't return..It's always a learning process for both sexes some just hold onto it better

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