I met someone  

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4/12/2006 10:20 am
I met someone

A week or two ago I met this guy at a book shop. He is black, 25 and lives here in Launny. We got to talking about a book that we both picked up a copy of, and then we exchanged numbers. We talked heaps on the phone, and even had phone sex once. This evening, we met up again for the first time since the bookshop.

We started off with a drink or two and then dinner. Afterwards we went back to his house for coffee. Before the kettle even boiled we were making out, his big strong hands caressing my breasts, thighs, ass and rubbing in between my legs. We couldnt keep our hands off each other.

We ripped each others clothes off like animals, as soon as he saw my breasts he started sucking my nipples, which made me so horny, I could feel my pussy getting really wet. I pulled his jeans off and saw his huge bulge in his pants, I thought his cock was hard but when I pulled down his pants, I realised it was only half way there. It was the biggest thing Ive ever seen. I took it and put as much in my mouth as I could (to my suprise I was able to take quite a lot of it in). He grabbed me and lay me down, spread my legs, and ate my freshly waxed pussy. I came in about 2 minutes, but he kept of eating me.

I was about to cum again when he slipped on a conny, and slid his huge bulging cock into my soaking wet pussy. I thought it was going to hurt, but it felt so good, I came as he slid it in. He started fucking me, hard and fast. I couldnt stop moaning, my hands almost ripped his couch I was squeezing it that hard. After pumping me for a while, we switched positions. He sat down on the couch and I sat on his cock with my back to him and feet on the floor. I rode his cock so hard while he held my breasts and played with my nipples. I came again, this time so hard we almost broke the couch. He lifted me off my feet, and put me on my hands and knees at the end of the couch.

He stood up the end and started fucking me doggy style. After a few long hard thrusts I could feel myself starting to cum again. He pumped harder and faster till I came so hard, I felt my wetness drip down my legs, and then I almost collapsed. His cock came out, I ripped off the rubber and shoved his whole cock in my mouth, and sucked it till he came down my throat. His warm load tasted so nice, it was the best load ive ever tasted, and I swallowed every last drop.

We sat and talked for a while after that, and finally had our coffee, still completely nude. After about an hour, I started feeling a little horny again. I couldnt take my eyes off his huge cock, resting down his leg. I grabbed his huge dong and started wanking him, kissing him, feeling his cock get hard in my hand. He lay down and I climbed ontop, he quickly rolled on a dom and I shoved his cock into me. I rode him like a horse, up and down, I came twice in a row, then again not long later. He was sitting in a puddle of my juice I was cumming that hard. As he started to cum he grabbed me, pulled me close and fucked me so hard I came again at the same time. I felt his cock squirt as he came, and felt my pussy gush down my legs all over his crotch.

That all ended about two hours ago when I got home. I think this is going to become a very permanent thing.

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