What a wonderful Sunday for my very first post!  

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8/21/2005 5:28 am

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What a wonderful Sunday for my very first post!

Hey everyone, thanks for reading my very first post. I think i shall do abit of self-introduction for a start. I'm currently 20 years old and serving National Service, for those who don't know what that is, it's something every male must go through in Singapore, serving the army for 2 years of their life time. Most of us hate it as it slows us down greatly in our pursuit of higher education. Now i have to wait till the year 2006 before i can enter university. Well it can be good and bad too, depends on how one sees it. I love going out to beaches and parks and just take a stroll with friends, talking about anything under the sun. I hate town areas as i dont like crowded and noisy places, but sometimes i do go there however, as that is where everybody is. Well i'm not really that good at self-introductions so if you really wanna chat and get to know me better you can always leave me a message.

So, today's a very wet Sunday, been raining the entire day and weather is cool. Perfect day for sleeping or lazing around. I spent my time playing my favourite game, Guild Wars, as well as taking some time to do up my profile in AdultFriendFinder. Now it looks much better compared to the past. I've seen some girls' profiles, some are very interesting, and i really like to get to know them, invited them into my network, but wonder if they'll accept me? haha, oh well. Anyway today is basically a slack day for me as i didnt accomplish anything much. I've just returned home from camp this morning, so i wanna rest abit so that i'll have the energy to wake up early tomorrow morning and return back to camp. I'm really happy to get to know about AdultFriendFinder as i got to know some really nice people and learnt many things from them. I hope that i can get to know even more people in the future. So much for my first post, I hope you enjoyed reading it and please leave a comment if u like. See you guys the next time when i come back from camp!

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