not chapter 2....  

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3/1/2006 10:55 pm

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not chapter 2....

without a second's hesitation, he responded. Whipping his clothes off in a flurry and tangle of flailing limbs. Once naked, his manhood protuded infront of him, like a destination pointer. Wanting and pulsing with the anticipation of the promise at hand.
She lay naked infront of him, smiling coyly, turned sidewards to partly hide the treasures he seeks, but by doing so only enhances her beauty. Defining her womanly curves and softness. heartening his desire for her.
With such a strong but soft, deliberate action, he lays upon her and at the same instant, swoons her into his strong arms. Pulling her against him, contouring their bodies together. Naked they lay.
Sharing lips and tounge, ears and toes, mind and flesh. they explore each other. Like blind, they intertwine their bodies together. glued together with the passion they had conjured. No surface, no fold or crease was left wanting for touch. No pore was left empty of sweat, fore the heat they had summoned.
Consumed by the most basic of natural instincts, penetration was solid. He, forcefully entering, deeply, in one smooth thrust. She, arching her back, positioning herself to wantonly accept, gasping as the heat filled her.
Together, joined, they locked eyes. Each expressing their surrender to each other. The air about them radiated with erotic intensity. As they pulsated together in their sexual rythym.
climax was still distant, as for to long the desire had fuelled an energy that was not easily extinguished.

Hmmm, Ahhh, Sorry, but you caught me daydreamin'. Promise it wont happen again!! Must get a hold of myself.!! hahahaha

stormoz 46F

3/19/2006 2:36 am

may I be so bold to ask? how did you find yourself in my dreams???
cause I know I never wish this fantasy to end...though to have it fullfilled by the intensity in which we shall both grasp...

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