Isn't It About Time Someone Addressed Horn Etiquette?  

rm_talldarkavg1 106M
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10/3/2005 6:44 am
Isn't It About Time Someone Addressed Horn Etiquette?

As Blogville's resident old timer, adopted father, and part-time orgasm donor...I thought I needed to address the issue of horn etiquette when driving. How many beeps mean what? When do you beep? We need some sort of rules here kids. Here are a few of my thoughts since the governments are avoiding this issue.

Horn duration guide:
1 short - half second
1 longer - 1 second
1 medium - 2 seconds
1 long - 3 seconds
1 non-stop - ad infintum

1 short: The light changed
1 short 1 longer: The light changed you buttmunch
1 longer 1 one short: Hey! Assmunch...the light changed an hour ago. You deaf as well as stupid?
1 longer: I'm in this lane already
2 longer: You frickin' blind? I'm in this lane!
3 longer: HEY WANKER...I'M IN THIS LANE YOU @#$@!
3 short: (used with a Mr. Microphone) Hey good looking, be back to pick you up later.
1 non-stop: I am slumped over my wheel, and possibly dead. (often followed by hitting a tree)
2 long: It was my turn to go from this stop sign wanker...may dead beetles fall from your underwear!
277 short: I just got married
277 medium: I just got married...anyone know a sniper?

I hope this helps.

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rm_DaphneR 59F
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10/3/2005 9:36 am

You missed short, medium, 3 longs.

Choose your lane dickhead. Stop driving down the middle of the road.
(A common occurence on NM)

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

missy973 48F

10/3/2005 10:07 am

I couldn't afford a brake job, so the mechanic installed a louder horn.

rm_talldarkavg1 106M
10172 posts
10/3/2005 3:20 pm

LMAO think like me. Be afraid.

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rm_talldarkavg1 106M
10172 posts
10/3/2005 3:21 pm am I. I have been keeping track for years now...hence the article to help others.

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frbnkslady 49F
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10/3/2005 3:33 pm

LMAO>.. I have no horn..T


rm_hinkawaza 53M
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10/3/2005 5:42 pm

horns can't laugh trav...1 non-stop could also be "Help, I just got married!"

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

10/3/2005 5:53 pm

Well,it begs to be said,since no one else has I must. Sooooo whos blowing your horn TDA????????

...Alright fine I'll have myself shot at frist light.


lifeisablast333 55M

10/3/2005 6:51 pm

Yes, that helps a lot, I have been honking wrong for years, but I still need to know how to honk when using the finger out the window.
And can it be done while reloading....

LimasStrewMussy 107M

10/3/2005 8:02 pm

This puts a new twist on being horny...

SoljerBlu 40M

10/3/2005 11:04 pm

On my Shadow, I disconnected the horn and have a little kids bike squeezie horn and one of those "ching-ching" bells. I only give 'em to the kids and the cute women. They both love 'em.
At a light, I just drive up on the sidewalk and go around 'em. Don't bother with the horn or bell.. might wake 'em up and then they'll be on the road with me.

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