Finally...Blogville's First Resident Psychic Is Open  

rm_talldarkavg1 107M
15586 posts
3/30/2006 3:11 pm
Finally...Blogville's First Resident Psychic Is Open

I know what you're thinking..."Tall, is true? Is there really a psychic here in Blogville to solve our problems?" Yep kids, it's true.

Ask Resident Psychic, and part-time plasma donor for flat screen TV's, Swami Bagwan Tall anything from financial questions to affairs of the heart. All will be answered in the order in which they arrive. FREE. Get outta town.

Got a friend that just doesn't know what to do? Send 'em on over. The Bagwan knows all, sees all, and for an extra 3ยข will feel all! That's right friends, The Bagwan has the answers you need!

Tell a friend, and this week only, you'll receive the Bagwan's personal reading. Keep in mind, the Bagwan reads breasts.

DISCLAIMER: Believing the Bagwan may lead to disillusionment, divorce, gingivitis, lower property values, lumbago, winnebago, and poor eyesight.

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demonicsexkitten 42F
10688 posts
3/30/2006 5:08 pm

O, great Swami Bagwan Tall!!! I've travelled 1 million miles to see you... to ask the most important question in the universe...

please, what are the winning lottery numbers for Saturday, 4/1 (Idaho Powerball)?

(psst... i know you work for free, but if i win, i'll give you 1/2).

rm_titsandtires 53M/42F
3656 posts
3/30/2006 6:59 pm

I've got an easy one for you Tall...

Why is it that we drive on a parkway, and park on a driveway?


saddletrampsk 55F

3/30/2006 8:05 pm

Swami Bagwan Tall

Can you please do a breast reading on me and tell me my future in romance and sex?

Efilnikufesin69 48M

3/30/2006 8:43 pm

Oh swami, can you please do a breast reading on saintlianna to find out why she feeds her whistle pig chips and Pepsi?

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

3/31/2006 5:45 am

Oh swami can you tell me why the same pic I up loaded gets accepted then rejected then accepted again....And WTF happened to all the happy crap in the add a comment field...??? spell check oh hell we don't need that wno od ew....Ready


rm_talldarkavg1 107M
10172 posts
3/31/2006 12:35 pm

Kitten my dear, gambling in the lottery is a vice, a horrible habit, and something that doesn't make sense. Of course, the Bagwan is an expert. powerball is 37 the other numbers will be 10 19 22 23 48.

Payment in anything but Rupees.

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rm_talldarkavg1 107M
10172 posts
3/31/2006 12:36 pm

Tires this one is easy. Expat's ancestors started that crap.

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rm_talldarkavg1 107M
10172 posts
3/31/2006 12:38 pm

Saddle...such matters must not be rushed into. A reading may take as long as 3 days and as many as 19 viagras.

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rm_talldarkavg1 107M
10172 posts
3/31/2006 12:38 pm

Efil...the Bagwan can only read right breasts...saintliana seems to have just a left one.

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rm_talldarkavg1 107M
10172 posts
3/31/2006 12:41 pm

The Bagwan has toiled on your question Ready. The reason your photos get rejected is you are too hot. AdultFriendFinder cannot risk heart attacks. Try sending a kneecap photo...but not too closeup!

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ArgosPlumyKooky 46F
3902 posts
3/31/2006 9:08 pm

swami i'm tired, is it time to go to bed yet. . . . ?

expatbrit49 64M

4/1/2006 1:48 pm

Oh great swami am I ever going to get into PassionsWine's panties or am I doomed to a life of masturbation

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

LustyTaurus 49M
21253 posts
4/2/2006 1:33 pm

Why am I here?


rm_skyeone2 65M/46F
7186 posts
4/2/2006 6:03 pm

You're back YAY!!!!!
I haven't been paying attention to blogville much since you left. Glad to hear from you, now I'm gonna need to read and catch up on all I missed.


Blessed Be

rm_yukonpaul 52M
1120 posts
4/2/2006 7:39 pm

Oh Great and Powerful Swami Bagwan Tall, All Knowing and Just, will I ever get laid again?

TTigerAtty 63M

4/5/2006 2:44 pm

Swami Bagwan Tall ... I, too, was going to ask about the Powerball Numbers, but in my case for Wednesday, 4/5. Since your numbers failed to produce a winner on 4/1, I will go ahead and use them tonight. Should lightning strike, I will be sure to remember that I received my lucky numbers from you. You can be quite sure, Great Swami, that I will reward you handsomely if these numbers payoff! You will never again have to work hard again running TallCo and your various other enterprises! Other than Powerball numbers, tell me Great Swami, what secret words of romance might I say on my next date in order to produce positive results? Thank you, Great Swami!

rm_mm0206 70F
7767 posts
4/6/2006 5:39 pm

Oh Wise and Vernable One....Swami Bagwan Tall

How can I get the serpetine belt on my car to stop squealing?
Should I buy more Southwest Airline Stock or stick with GE or MS?
Do you recommend a frontal to get kunninglingual1 out of my mind everynight.

rm_skyeone2 65M/46F
7186 posts
4/14/2006 12:42 pm

Hey Tall babe,

I'm hoping you're following this. We've missed you and hope to see more posts soon. I can't access your pro, or I would have just e-mailed you.


Blessed Be

1586 posts
4/24/2006 5:22 pm

Oh, mighty Bagwan -

Can you do readings without seeing nipples?

If so, please check my profile and tell me what my breasts say about my immediate future.

Respectfully yours,

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
11240 posts
4/30/2006 12:45 pm

~ peekz in again ~

where have u run off too???

rm_Entro1963 54M
9 posts
5/9/2006 6:07 pm

Great One,

Where have you gone? Please permit us to hear from you again. Remember, and this is especially veracious to us elucubrators, it is better to burn out than fade away. It is not time for your influence to ebb or disappear.


sweetthang2877 41F
534 posts
6/21/2006 2:14 am

Oh great's not right...wait...lemme check the post again....

Anyhoo...Here's my right tit....Now, why can't I find a man to satisfy me the way my vibrator does???? I really gotta know!!!!

Thank you in advance for your swift and immediate attention! Here's my left tit in case it takes two!


Oh and by the way...I am back!!!!

rm_EE407 42F
3903 posts
6/27/2006 5:05 am

Oh wise one, please answer me this...

Why is X so pervy? and is there a cure for that? He's been getting more and more pervy since you've left. Do you think there is a reason for that?

Hugs E.

sweetthang2877 41F
534 posts
7/8/2006 9:27 pm

Okay, now I'm starting to think all my friends have boarded an alien ship....nobody's responding to comments or posting new articles...where the hell have all of you gone???? Is everyone but me finding someone to spend all their time with???

Luvwetcunt1000 50M
1258 posts
12/5/2006 12:56 am

Hey Kav. You just appear & disappear. Don't know where to find you but I know you're still around. Just popped in to say Hi & we missed you.

BTW, love the photo. You really do look like Mr Prez!

AmericanBaroness 53F

12/30/2006 4:31 am

Happy New Year, darlin'; hope this year, and the next, are absolutely great for you!

neotrio 42M/39F  
1213 posts
2/26/2007 2:10 am

i'm too shy to ask my question out loud, but you're psychic so please read my mind and answer me oh wise one.

(closes eyes)

* * * * * * * *

(Juan S)
2642 posts
3/17/2007 4:08 am

OMG!!! YOU and ME back. Blogland is safe no more!!!

rm_skyeone2 65M/46F
7186 posts
7/15/2007 3:46 pm

I hope this means you're back, you have been missed my friend!


What do you think of all the "upgrades" that have been included?

Blessed Be

_Truman_ 106M

7/16/2007 7:18 am

I've been seein' ya' around! When did ya' blow back into town, TDA1? I've missed your Hoosier humor!

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